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Highlight's Junhyung admits to viewing Jung Joon Young's hidden camera footage, announces departure from group


Highlight's Junhyung has admitted to his involvement with singer Jung Joon Young's hidden camera footage controversy, and he will be leaving his group.

On March 14, Around US Entertainment stated, "Some time at the end of 2015, Yong Junhyung met Jung Joon Young at a drinking gathering. The next day, while contacting each other 1:1 via Kakao Talk, he was informed that Jung Joon Young filmed illegal, hidden camera footage. Afterward, Junhyung admitted that he viewed this hidden camera footage, and he and Jung Joon Young went on to exchange inappropriate remarks about the footage." 

Back on March 13, Junhyung attended police questioning in the form of a witness in regard to Jung Joon Young's ongoing investigation. According to Around US Entertainment, "We learned of the facts stated (above) through Yong Junhyung's witness questioning. After realizing the severity of this situation, Junhyung took part in his questioning diligently, and he is now in a deep state of reflection for his past inappropriate actions, as well as for the disappointment that he undoubtedly caused many due to his immorality." 

The label continued, "He is also aware that this incident is not one that can be forgiven, and he feels greatly apologetic toward fans of Highlight for breaking their trust and repaying their love with disappointment. In order to take responsibility for his actions and prevent further damage to the group's image, Junhyung will leave Highlight as of March 14, 2019." 

Finally, "Even when Junhyung became involved in an unfavorable scandal, we were unable to obtain the clear facts right away and released a hasty statement, causing confusion; for this, we apologize. We will take caution so that such incidents do not occur again. We apologize one more time to fans who cherish Highlight," the label ended. 

Earlier this week, Junhyung was accused of being one of the figures in Jung Joon Young's Kakao Talk messages related to hidden camera footage distribution. Around US Entertainment quickly responded to the initial accusation in denial.

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