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Heo Ji Woong makes a statement against churches who are forcing people to gather and disregarding Coronavirus concerns


Writer Heo Ji Woong has made a strong statement against churches (Shincheonji Church of Jesus) in Korea who are forcing their followers to continue gathering to worship despite the Coronavirus outbreak fears.

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공동체에 당장 치명적인 위해를 끼칠 가능성이 있음에도 불구하고 신의 이름을 팔아 자유만을 고집스레 주장하는 교회가 있습니다. 신이시여 이들을 용서하소서. 또한 지역사회를 위험에 빠뜨리면서까지 대규모 예배를 강행하겠다는 교회도 있습니다. 신이시여 그들도 용서하소서. 수많은 이들의 노력과 희생으로 말미암아 마침내 이 역병을 물리치고 위기를 극복하는 날, 저들이 자기 기도가 응답을 받은 것이라며 기뻐하지 않게 하소서. 그들은 그들이 하는 일이 무엇인지 모릅니다. 저들에게 염치를, 우리 지역과 국가 나아가 전세계 공동체에 평화를 주소서.

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He made a post on February 27th that reads as follows: "There is a church (Shincheonji Church of Jesus) that is selling the name of their God by being reckless in their actions, regardless of the negative impact it has on the collective community. There is also a church putting their city in danger by saying they are holding a service on a large scale. God, please forgive those people. May they not be happy when this crisis is over by thinking that their prayers were answered. They don't know what kind of actions they're doing. Please give this country peace and give them shame. " 

Some cults in Korea such as the Shincheonji Church of Jesus are continuing to ignore the severity of the outbreak and are hiding the fact they have the virus and continuing to hold public gatherings despite warnings from officials. 

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Things to note for context:

1. Shincheonji is not a regular church. Its long been argued as a cult, and there has been a lot of issues with this partucular church in the past (mainly members going undercover into other churches to recruit vulnerable people). The leader sells himself as the second coming of Christ (basically like every other Christian-based cult).

2. Sincheonji is the root cause of the covid-19 outbreak in South Korea, following a woman attending a mass event whilst sick (former members have stated that the sect's services are mandatory even if you are sick). All members have chip cards that they swipe to prove gathering attendance. Sometimes thousands of people attend these gatherings.

3. Due to the secretive nature of the sect, there are many members who are not self-quarantining as asked by the government. Many police/government services are having to track people down exhausting public services.

4. Due to the sect having a high number of international members (around 30,000) that have been made to go to recent sect gatherings (notable gatherings such as the funeral of the leaders brother have occurred recently in South Korea), there is a strong risk that the virus has spread across borders (the sect has stations all over the globe, in all majorly populated continents including South Africa, US and Germany).

5. Its estimated that Shincheonji currently has over 200,000 members in South Korea... thats a lot of people potentially spreading the virus.


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Thursday, February 27, 2020

I mean, it's a cult/sect, that's exactly what you'd expect from them.



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