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Dodomam admits to extortion allegations, says that she withdrew charges and apologized to the victim



More information regarding the scandal involving Garo Sero Institute's Kang Yong Suk and former popular blogger Dodomam has come to light. 

The two are under heavy criticism after text messages revealed that they conspired to extort an individual by falsely accusing him of sexual assault. The story, which was released by Dispatch, gained massive attention. Kim Ji Ho, the reporter who broke the story, revealed more information regarding the situation while attending a radio broadcast, stating that "the content took a lot of time to investigate". 

He continued, saying: "Dodomam acknowledges that she trusted Kang Yong Suk and followed his advice regarding the case. However, during the situation, she contacted the victim and apologized. She didn't receive any settlement money and didn't follow through with the case." 

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Vash_Outlaw658 pts 22 days ago 8
22 days ago

So her apologizing to the victim is supposed to make it alright? Why aren't her and the corrupt scumbag lawyer in jail for extortion, blackmail, and filing false police reports?


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trogdorthe8th7,512 pts 22 days ago 1
22 days ago

An apology does not excuse you from consequences! She's only done all this in the hopes that because they "didn't follow through with the case" that they won't technically be able to charge her with something worse than if she had gone through with it. It's despicable, and it's clear that she only pulled back because she got caught. I also find it incredibly pathetic that she's trying to play this like she's some helpless victim who only followed along with Kang Yong Suk. They'd better press charges against them both and give them some sort of jail time, people need to know this is unacceptable and an apology shouldn't excuse their actions.


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