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YG Ent. releases statement confirming that songs which B.I participated in composing will be included in iKON's comeback album


On January 29, YG Entertainment released an official statement regarding iKON's comeback mini album 'I Decide', alongside the group's newest teaser poster. 

The label wrote as follows:

"Hello. This is YG Entertainment. We hope to provide an explanation regarding iKON's new 2020 mini album 'I Decide'.

iKON's upcoming new mini album, set for release on February 6, will contain a total of 5 new tracks. Recordings for the songs on this album were completed back in early 2019, as originally, this album was set for release in mid-2019. 

However, some time last year, the team's leader and overall producer B.I abruptly chose to leave the group, delaying iKON's comeback plans indefinitely, and the company has been thinking very carefully about how to utilize the completed products which were finished in early 2019.

There were two large issues. 

First, we debated on scrapping every song which B.I participated in composing and instead starting anew with completely new songs; however, we could not avoid the fact that this would cause iKON's comeback and hiatus period to extend even longer. 

Second, we debated on re-recording all of the songs by taking out B.I's rap parts and re-creating a new melody, meaning that the line and part distribution as well as the overall balance of every member's participation in the songs would have to be redone. 

After a lengthy debate, the iKON members and the company has decided to utilize a little of both methods mentioned above. 

Regarding the songs which were already recorded and completed, we took into consideration that these songs were not composed solely by B.I but with the help of various YG Entertainment composers and producers as well, in addition to the fact that these songs contain the hard work and the affection of all of the iKON members after long hours of labor; as a result, these songs will be readjusted and used for this new album. We also took into consideration the participation of the other members in composing their own songs, and so the album will also contain a new song where one of the iKON members will be debuting as a composer for the first time. 

We cannot begin to express through words the numerous feelings that the iKON members and even B.I were not able to convey to the fans, through this process of losing a team's leader. The company would also relay a careful apology toward the fans for failing to oversee this team properly. 

We are belatedly regretting our mistakes, but from here on, we will not withhold our best efforts in keeping the remaining 6 iKON members safe.

We will always remember the hearts of fans' unchanging love and support, and repay you with gratitude. Please cheer on iKON's new beginning as 6-members. Thank you."

You can also check out the main teaser poster for iKON's upcoming 3rd mini album 'I Decide', below. 

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Nova_REMIX1,867 pts Tuesday, January 28, 2020 23
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

He “left?” That’s bullshit. Just say he was kicked out and they’re addressing this so iKonics don’t call YGE out on their bullshit again. Of course they had to keep B.I on there to an extent. He was a huge contributor to iKon’s sound. It’s a shame they threw him away. They continue to not give idols in their company a chance unless they are BigBang.

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trogdorthe8th10,829 pts Tuesday, January 28, 2020 0
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

So, if what I read is correct they:

- Blamed B.I. for leaving (when he was actually kicked out of the group) for the initial delay

- Admitted that he was the driving force behind most of iKON's music, essentially once again blaming him for the delay (can no one else compose there?)

- Admitted that they basically sat on this music before finally re-recording it, blaming B.I. a third time for their incompetence of getting this comeback together, all while still taking his music and using it for the group.

I just.......WOW.

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