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Popular Youtube channel apologizes after pulling a Coronavirus hidden camera prank


Popular Youtube channel Similar Boys has apologized after uploading a video pranking people using the Coronavirus scare.

The video was uploaded on January 30 on the channel with 562,000 subscribers. In the hidden camera prank, people dressed in hazmat suits are seen running around the mall pretending to look for a person infected by the virus. Although the video has since been deleted, another Youtuber has reuploaded the video. They were also seen spreading false information by pretending to be healthcare workers. After the video stirred up major controversy, the channel released a handwritten apology statement that reads as follows: 

"Hello this is Similar Boys. At around noon on January 29th, we pretended to look for a person infected with the Coronavirus and made content that made the general public nervous. Because of my thoughtless actions, I uploaded an apology video less than an hour ago because this wasn't enough for the people and police I have caused inconvenience to. But the video was filled with excuses and not with the truth. Now we really know what we did wrong, and we acknowledge that we made the worst possible choice and have no excuses. We are deeply reflecting for these actions we cannot undo. We apologize to all the people we have caused harm to. We are sorry." 

The video has since been reuploaded by another Youtuber which you can view below.

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Rin89911,701 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

How cruel or thoughtless do you have to be to do such a prank on people?! They must have been scared to death considering everything happening in a lot of Asian countries and other countries in the world. Some even have families with them. That's just too cruel.



Andrada23973,624 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

How do you even joke about an outbreak that is potentially deadly? There's nothing funny about it. I can't believe the police had to get involved for them to realize how inappropriate that prank was.



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