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Netizens list the top EXO D.O. memes that even non-fans find hilarious


Netizens have listed out some of the most popular, most well-known memes of the 'meme-famous' EXO member D.O. that even non-EXO-Ls find hilarious!

Check them out below! Do you have any to add to the group?

1. "This is how I leave the stage after rehearsal." 

2. Do Kyung Soo who knows that they're being sold off, and Park Chan Yeol who has no idea.

3. Do Kyung Soo gets shot.

4. Legendary neon yellow balls.

5. Tricks the camera into thinking he's gonna break out with a solo.

6. Swipe to unlock.

7. Revolving sushi bar.

8. "Well this isn't right." 

9. Throwing shooting prizes at the fans.

10. Magic potion that makes your chest bigger if you get squirted.

11. EXO member J.O. and actor Do Kyung Soo.

12. Ambushing Sehun and ripping out his heart.

13. "You can't make me bend my knees that easy."

14. When fans ask D.O. to create a choreography using the lightstick that anyone can follow. 


D.O.: The rule of this game is that your butt can't come up.

Also D.O.: 

16. Controls Kim Young Chul with a water bottle.

17. "You attack me, I attack you back."

Comments after seeing all of the memes included, "OMG this is crazy funny kekekeke, I spit", "Kim Young Chul kekekekeke", "So funny kekekekeke I've seen some of these before but some of them are new", "It's not easy to have this many memes, especially ones even non-fans will find hilarious!", "What the f*** is he doing with those lightsticks kekekekekeke", "Revolving sushi bar kekekekekeke, the butt kekekekeke", and more! Which ones are you favorite?

  1. EXO
  2. D.O.
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lolzzzz344 pts Sunday, December 8, 2019 0
Sunday, December 8, 2019

man after seeing this gifs i realize how much i miss him. he s just pure meme material. no.8 was so hilarious



Kkkpopvvv2,553 pts Sunday, December 8, 2019 0
Sunday, December 8, 2019

oMG these are so funny the p*nis I mean yellow balls one is extremely funny and the lightstick choreography too D.O is such a meme and does not even try lol even on knowing bros he is the main topic when he is not even there but in the military XD our precious Christian D.O~ <3



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