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Cute story of a Japanese fan's journey to bring a life-sized standee of TVXQ's Yunho home from Korea goes viral


A cute story of a Japanese fan who won a life-sized standee of TVXQ's Yunho has gone viral with her fellow Cassiopeias! 

During TVXQ' recent fan meeting in Korea, the two members held a raffle to give out gifts to their fans. Only the signed aprons that the two members wore during the fan meeting were supposed to be gifts, but TVXQ decided to also raffle off two life-sized standees of themselves, which had been placed outside the fan meeting as decoration!

Seeing as that the decision to raffle off the life-sized standees was made last minute, the lucky fans who won each of the standees unfortunately had no assured means of transporting the large standees home!

What's more is that a Japanese fan who flew from Japan to attend the fan meeting won the Yunho standee. 

Here's an account of the excited fan's journey to bring this lucky Yono Yonho standee (not the 'real' U-Know Yunho, but a nicknamed version, as the fan hashtagged below) home, all the way across the ocean. 

She wrote, "I won a life-sized standee of U-Know at the fan meeting yesterday~ I wasn't sure if I would be able to make this fan meeting because of the short notice, but good thing I made it~ I've decided to leave this process on Twitter, as I've had to think a lot about how to go about taking this standee back to Japan. First, from the fan meeting hall, there were a lot of bucket shaped taxis but all of the normal taxis turned me down, and then thankfully a close Cassie-chan friend of a kind Japanese person who talked to me called a van for me to get back to the hotel in one piece (smile)... Fortunately the hotel was run by Japanese people so they were able to inquire about postal options, and they got back to me that there was another fan who took home a similar standee via plane before!! If I think about it calmly, there's no difference between this standee and a surf board. #YonoYonho"

She continued, "I decided to go to the airport early because I was worried something would go wrong. I thought that I would have to pay a lot for an airport taxi from the hotel, but then someone informed me that a limousine bus ran from the hotel to the airport so I took that. I managed to wrap him up with bubble wrap and tape at the hotel."

"Got to the airport by 8:30 AM for the 12:05 PM departure. They said that they would be receiving shipment loads starting at 9:05 AM, so I asked where I could wrap up items for shipment, and they led me to counter B or counter M but it was only an area for DIY packaging. I ran here and there looking for someone who could package it for me and was finally led to luggage storage. It cost 30,000 KRW to package."

"Yonho has become like this (photo above), so you cannot tell what it is other than something very long. But I do not want it to be damaged so this is the only way. I take this back to the shipment counter. How much extra will it cost? However much it is, I want to go in there with him!! But I purchased a shipment package for under 25 kg, so the extra cost is 0..?! This shipment brand is the best!! Yonho was sent to miscellaneous shaped items. After that, I was so relieved! (I'm sorry Yonho.) After security check, I ate breakfast. (Then the airplane ride). And that's how it reached Nagoya airport, like this! (photo below) Yonho was delivered separately from the pickup spot that spins round and round. But at the ground transportation counter, they said they could not accept this size. Eh? So then, the bus? Otherwise nothing else would work." 

"Other than using the airport shuttle, no dropping off at a postal service (X), no asking family or friends to come pick me up (X), taking the rail on my own all the way to my house. It has arrived safely at my house (smile). Thank you to all who expressed their concerns and how kept up with this post!! You can do it if you put your mind to it!!"

Many Cassiopeias closely followed Japanese fan's realtime updates via Twitter, cheering her on and anxiously waiting to see what would happen to Yono Yonho. Fortunately, the standee has now become a part of the Japanese fan's home! Fans in Korea keeping up with the updates even trended #YonoYonho, as you can see below. 

Netizens commented, "Yono Yonho, live happily ever after~", "Wow even Yunho's fans are full of passion", "This is so funny and so cute kekekeke", "I'm so glad Yono Yonho-kun got home safely~", "The passion of the fan! She passionately recorded her journey back to Japan kekekeke", "Stories of fans taking home life-sized standees are always the funniest kekekeke", "The adventures of Yono Yonho kekekeke", "Yono Yonho kekekeke this is funny, but why is it Yono Yonho?", "What a cute fan, I hope she lives happily ever after with Yono Yonho!", and more!

How would you get a life-sized standee home if you won one?

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I love this story. Now that is true devotion from a fan. Haaa!



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lol this made my day

"Yono Yonho, live happily ever after~"



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