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Former KARA member Seungyeon allegedly revealed to have gone straight to Goo Hara's residence following news of her passing


Former KARA member Seungyeon has been revealed to be in deep mourning

Following the news of Goo Hara's passing, Seungyeon had allegedly headed straight to the late singer's residence in great shock and disbelief. According to 'E Daily', a close acquaintance of Seungyeon shared that the two former members of KARA had been extremely close, having consistently spent time together "even until a few days ago."

Despite the girl group's disbandment in 2016, the members had maintained a good relationship with one another, as seen by fans through Goo Hara's photos taken with Seungyeon and Nicole within the last few months. After she began to split her time between Japan and Korea, Goo Hara often met up with all of them whenever she was in Korea, according to the acquaintance.

In remembering Goo Hara, netizens are expressing their support for all former members of KARA at this time.

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Mrtzeo132 pts Sunday, November 24, 2019 6
Sunday, November 24, 2019

Mental illness is not taken seriously in Asian communities i know because i am Asian myself. I do suffer from social anxiety, general anxiety and depression. But my family still takes it lightly and they don't understand. Even though my parents try to understand they would still think that i am crazy. People with mental illnesses are viewed as crazy, psychotic or mental. It's just not the norm to be talking about mental health in Asia. Asia especially Japan and Korea with the highest suicide rate in the world just needs to be more open about mental health and illnesses so it can spread awareness so they can seek help with a psychologist or psychiatrist. And to hope that this will happen less or for the better it will not happen again.


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amu_jane4,904 pts Sunday, November 24, 2019 1
Sunday, November 24, 2019

This is sooooooo sad man netizens better not start with the BS with the hate bandwagon


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