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Former KARA members Seungyeon and Nicole reunite in new vlog


Former KARA members Seungyeon and Nicole melted fans' hearts with their recent reunion.

A vlog titled 'HAPPY DAY with Nicole' was uploaded onto Seungyeon's Youtube channel and showed the two friends enjoying dinner together. It seems like the two friends are also celebrating Seungyeon's birthday and enjoy cake together as well.

Check out the cute vlog below. 

  1. Seungyeon
  2. Nicole
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Friday, October 4, 2019

I hope that one day Seungyeon, Nicole, Gyuri, Hara, and Jiyoung will reunite again together. Looking forward for that reunion.



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Friday, October 4, 2019

CLICK HERE for English Language translation of JP Article concerning KARA5 Music Reunion Status (2019.08.02)

(JP Based Article) ... "HARA tries to Reunite KARA5 , But ex-members have “cool reaction” overall. (2019.08.02) ...

(Click URL above for English Language translation) ...

HARA (KARA5) did apparently 'check out' the notion of past KARA5 members 'getting together' and doing some kind of K-pop MV work together. But apparently , the reaction via both AGENCIES and the past KARA5 members , was NOT that encouraging. A social reunion , like what NICOLE and SEUNGYEON are doing it here , is one thing. But to do some kind of 'For Profit' MV Music Release with KARA5 members involved , would be a LOT more complex. What with ALL of the past KARA5 members now doing (fairly recently) SOLO Music work based in JAPAN , seems NOT likely that they will be doing anything much 'together again' for now. I could see a DUO MV situation taking place. Surely NICOLE and SEUNGYEON might be candidates for a DUO situation. But even that , DUO Music activity , I have my *doubts* on it ever happening with KARA5 Group members in the future.


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