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Hong Suk Chun calls out a YouTube channel for dispersing false information about himself & homosexual identities


Queer celebrity Hong Suk Chun called out a certain YouTube video for spreading "false information."

The video, titled 'What Larry Has To Say About Hong Suk Chun', discusses "facts" about homosexuality on their own account by using Hong Suk Chun's life story as an example. The host and two guest speakers begin by talking about Hong Suk Chun having been "not so honorably" featured in the 'Playboy' magazine, as well as about his past SNS posts and his "adultery controversy" from the early '90s.

Regarding the past SNS post, Hong Suk Chun once raised a question, "What does it mean to live happily? I live while pondering about it everyday", to which one of the speakers made a religious comment by advising that Hong Suk Chun will "find happiness once he meets God and Jesus."

In discussing certain adultery rumors, another speaker narrated that Hong Suk Chun, prior to his 'coming out,' allegedly wrote a story in his memoir about having had an affair with a married man from the Netherlands. According to their story, Hong Suk Chun and the married man soon after ran away to New York where they lived together for three months. After that period, the married man supposedly "developed feelings for another African American man," eventually cheating on Hong Suk Chun and leaving him behind.

To this story, the speaker commented, "This goes on to prove that homosexuality is not real love, because it is short-lived, and that it is heavily based on physical activities."

After discussing such details about Hong Suk Chun's personal life, the former speaker mentioned that she is, in fact, "his fan," and that that is why she greatly especially "sorry for him."

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요즘 별의별 유투브들이 많다지만 이런건 좀 명예훼손으로 고소해야되나. 무슨 방송이 이거저거 기사짜집기해서 틀린정보를 사실처럼 말해놓고 팬이라고 응원한대 ㅠㅠㅠ 작가도있을텐데. 출연진이나 제작진이나 전화한통 디엠한줄 문의라도하고 확인하고 방송해야지. 이러니 가짜뉴스 피해당하면 참 기분 드럽겠다는 말. 이해되네. 유투브로 돈버는것도 중요하지만 기본예의나 절차라도 좀 지키시지. 참나 명절선물치고는 고약하다 그냥 넘어가려햇는데. 조회수가 10만이면. 그들이 다 저게 진실이라고 생각할가봐. 우리에대한 편견이 또 쌓일까봐. 내가 직접 유투브로 방송만들어야되나싶다. 참 억울하네 이런거 하나에 힘들어하는거보면. 아직도 난 한참 부족한 사람인가보다

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By sharing a captured image of this video on his Instagram, Hong Suk Chun wrote:

"They say there are all types of YouTubers out there these days but should I sue these people for defamation of character? What kind of broadcast station makes a compilation of news reports gathered from here and there, discusses false information as if they are real, and claims that they support me as a fan? T__T isn't there a writer on that show? The guests and the producers should have at least given me a call or a DM to confirm in order to broadcast. They say that if you become a victim to fake news you will feel extremely rotten. I understand it now. It's important to earn money through YouTube, but you should at least have some manners or a system. Wow, for a holiday gift, this is really foul. I wanted to just let it go, but seeing that the views are over 100K, I am worried that those people will believe all of those things as real. That they will once again be prejudiced against us. I wonder if I should go on YouTube myself and create my own channel. I feel victimized. Seeing that I find even these little things difficult, I guess I still have a long way to go."

Under Hong Suk Chun's post, fans and celebrities left messages of support, including Kahi who shared similar sentiments and commented, "Wow seriously what is that....."

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soum6,103 pts Saturday, September 14, 2019 2
Saturday, September 14, 2019

"This goes on to prove that homosexuality is not real love, becauseit is short-lived, and that it is heavily based on physical activities." This sounds so stupid why they acting like this can't happen with hetero couples 🤦‍♀️. Also good job to Hong Suk Chun for calling them out just like he wrote they could have talk with him before acting like it's all facts. How could she even call herself a fan. Fans shouldn't speculate about his relationships and making dumb remarks. 😕I hope he sues them.


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Ohboy697,842 pts Saturday, September 14, 2019 4
Saturday, September 14, 2019

We all know heter couples are 4 LYFE and never divorce. Oh, wait, this doesn't match with the official data...


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