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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, August 1, 2019

K-Pop's Most Unintentionally Awkward Dance Moves


K-Pop has created a name for itself as one of the most artistically-driven and high-performance genres in the music industry today. However, if we take a look down memory lane, we can recall some of K-Pop's most cringe concepts and moments that make us wonder just how we got to the dynamic genre we have today. Most of the time, fans can hedge their bets on the fact that each comeback of any given group is going to have some cool dance moves and neat choreography, but sometimes, the choreography features some moves that just seem weirdly out of place or are hilarious when they definitely shouldn't be. Here are 8 of K-Pop's most unintentionally awkward dance moves:

8. Again & Again - 2PM

2PM's "Again & Again" is a vintage track for new K-Pop fans. We will admit that because the song was early on in the genre's formation, we will forgive them for their strange dance choreography, but the one move we just cannot unsee is the circular group move at 1:34. The circular dance move is already kind of chuckle-worthy, but when the whole group does it in sync, it's hard to not watch and laugh.

7. Wolf - EXO

Some fans argue that "Wolf" itself is a meme, but we have to say that despite all the memes and wolf jokes that the athleticism and ability to perform is there for the entire group in this era. The group is extremely passionate and zealous, but despite that, we still get some awkward dance moves due to the overall concept. The end demonstrates the group's ability to synchronize down to the millisecond, but at the cost of looking a little dorky.

6. One Way Love - Hyorin

Hyorin's most awkward, yet iconic dance move from "One Way Love" also serves as the thumbnail for the official YouTube video itself. Pictured is Hyorin and her dancers doing a sumo squat in sky-high heels. No wonder Hyorin has such a great bod. All that squatting has got to be hardening her glutes!

5. Janus - BOYFRIEND

BOYFRIEND's dance moves for "JANUS" are pretty decent as a whole. However, this one jump move has a ton of suspense built up and many fans have recalled that when they first saw the video they thought it would lead into an intense dance break, but rather the members do a hop and skip and go right back into the normal choreography.

4. Pledge - Ariyoshi Risa 

A Produce 101 contender and an extreme visual, Ariyoshi Risa delivered to us the most awkwardly hilarious, yet sassy and funny dance using just one article of clothing: her jacket. Her extremely weird jacket flapping is relatable, yet so cringe at the same time. The jacket flapping is accurate to the original dance but Ariyoshi Risa just flapped her jacket so hard she could fly away.

3. So Cool - SISTAR

Some people argue that this particular dance move (at about 1:01 in the video) can be referred to as the "Fart Dispersal" or "Waving Fart Gas Away" move. The move itself didn't actually even make it to promotions as SISTAR changed the choreography for music shows.

2. Born To Be Wild - JYP, Hyoyeon, Min, Jo Kwon

This was a momentous collaboration between JYP and SM Entertainment companies. To have such enormously popular artists in competing companies come together was a big milestone for the genre. However, the dancing and concept for the song, "Born To Be Wild" and video was a bit risque and the public just wasn't ready for Jo Kwon's iconic butt slaps mid-video. 

1. B-DAY - iKON

iKON has been at the forefront of some negative attention over the past few weeks, however, one thing everyone can agree on is the silly awkwardness that is the "t-rex" dance move in B-DAY. We're still not sure why the choreographer pushed for the limp wrists and small t-rex arms, but the move has gone down in history.

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Tsukiko75630 pts Thursday, August 1, 2019 0
Thursday, August 1, 2019

The T-Rex move in IKONs B-day always gets me 😂



judithleexd263 pts Thursday, August 1, 2019 0
Thursday, August 1, 2019

I love them, but I feel like girls day- something (that move where they kind of look like they're busting to go toilet) should be here and stellar- marionette (butt scratch)



Actually like both groups and songs though. Just some funny moves lol



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