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Daesung lists his problematic building for 40 billion KRW (~33 million USD)


Daesung has listed his building for sale after coming under fire for allowing illegal businesses and prostitution services to take place in it. 

On August 1, Channel A reported that the building was put up for sale for 40 billion KRW. It would lead to a 5 billion KRW (~4.2 million USD) profit for Daesung if sold at this price. Daesung has been wrapped up in a scandal since the news was revealed back on July 6.

Netizens are not taking favorably to this news, stating: 

"That b*st*rd is trying to run away with 5 billion KRW to make a profit off his land after 2 years. After all this mess you need to sell it for cheaper after all the illegal activities were revealed."

"LOL b*st*rd."

"He killed someone too lol. I was thinking yesterday, and he was drunk driving and the police took the money and covered it up."

"He plays the way he looks and is a curse to society."


It seems like the public's opinion towards the Big Bang members continues to become more negative by the day. What are your thoughts?

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Msgulfkat7581,005 pts Thursday, August 1, 2019 1
Thursday, August 1, 2019

Business is about making a profit, if he can get rid of the problematic building and make a profit, that is the nature of doing business. Those that want him to take a loss are just stupid and most likely too young to understand he was making an investment. If you say you would not take the profit, you are liars. Once again, damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Beat up in the media and by idiot netizens because the building has issues, trying to get rid of the issues, beat up again. Not sure what the netizens want, but I am sure it can not be achieved. Stupid person who said he killed someone drunk driving...NOT HE DID NOT, he hit a person who had been hit by someone else. If you gonna talk smack, tell the truth or shut up. The manipulation of the facts has become an every day situation. If someone is from Bigbang or YG, then their "facts" are skewed to be negative. I hope YG:E soon will start suing all these netizens who are posting lies and slander. Every day some ignorant person starts a rumor that soon is seen as "truth", it needs to stop.


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guenne-125 pts Thursday, August 1, 2019 3
Thursday, August 1, 2019

sorry but if you invested so much money to actually lose money after 2 years because of some haters then you are a moron

so he is doing what is normal, but haters gonna hate


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