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Victim from Kang Ji-hwan's case reveals that she tried to call 13 times + netizens react


Victim from Kang Ji-hwan's case reportedly tried to call 13 times.

Actor Kang Ji-hwan recently made a statement apologizing to the victims about the malicious comments they're receiving online because they didn't directly call police.

In response to netizen accusations, their lawyer revealed to Channel A on the 14th that "the reason why the victims weren't able to reach police was because there was no cell service at the house."

According to the lawyer, "Victim 'A's phone call records revealed that she tried to make a total of 13 calls to police and Kang Ji-hwan's agency officials and acquaintances to no avail. She was able to send the SMS message to the acquaintance because of an available WI-FI connection."

An official in-charge of the Gangwon branch confirmed that he received a report of a repeated caller from that night but they weren't able to make a direct connection.

In the meantime police recently summoned the acquaintance that made the 112 call and are continuing investigations in the alleged sexual assault.

  1. 1. [+187, -91] ㅋㅋㅋHow are we supposed to trust this? Isn't the emergency line supposed to work anywhere..at anytime?? ㅋㅋAlso, it's a celebrities house how in the world is there no cell service?? ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. 2 .[+154, -36] She wasn't able to make an emergency call but was able to send an SMS ㅋㅋ
  3. 3. [+138, -37] Just stop with this stinky bulls**t...cancel the 2nd round...it's obvious they're lying...why aren't you arresting them?
  4. 4. [+138, -68] I think we're going to need a polygraph...first the other woman said her clothes were in disarray because he molested her but she got drunk and fell asleep so wouldn't your clothes be messed up in that situation?? We need a thorough exam at this point..
  5. 5. [+43, -4] But isn't the emergency number supposed to work under any circumstance...
  6. 6. [+37, -4] 112 calls are supposed to go through regardless of carrier or service...even if your phone is disconnected..
  7. 7. [+32, -1] It's very strange...if she wasn't able to send the call how was she able to send the SMS?? And why did she report that she was locked up in Kang Ji-hwan's house? It doesn't add up~
  1. Kang Ji Hwan
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Sunday, July 14, 2019

1. The man himself doesn't deny anything

2. "An official in-charge of the Gangwon branch confirmed that he received a report of a repeated caller from that night but they weren't able to make a direct connection."

3. The police was still contacted by the friend

4. They went to the sexual assault victims centre and the results will be out soon

5. They're risking their livehood, reputation, getting blacklisted by all agencies and getting jailed in the end

Of course the women here are the suspicious ones. The genius detectives from these comments must share one braincell


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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Police calls are supposed to work always, regardless of service or carrier?? This makes the story even more interesting. I wouldn’t be shocked if he made sure there was no service in his home nor if this wasn’t the first time females have gotten assaulted by his hands but the call logs showed she tried to call, is that a problem with her phone? I’m not one to immediately place the blame on either side, but it just seems really suspicious. I hope justice is served.


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