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Posted by Hannah-Lee Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Times BTS' Jungkook caused ordinary items to sell out


BTS has immense power – they can literally make any item sell out! 

On top of all of the advertisements and endorsements that they do, they’ve unconsciously helped random items sell out. Check out some of these totally ordinary items that sold out simply at Jungkook’s mention.

Fabric Softener

Translation: ARMYs... I need to buy fabric softener because I'm almost out... But it's sold out 

Jungkook answered a fan’s question about the laundry products that he uses, specifically mentioning Downy fabric softener. Within hours, the brand name jumped to the top of Naver’s realtime search rankings and the product sold out on major Korean e-commerce websites!

Jojoba Oil

When Jungkook mentioned that his face was glowing due to his application of jojoba oil, curious fans instantly asked him to reveal the brand name in his V Live. However, he only let fans know that there were four letters in the name. That was enough for fans, who caused jojoba oil brands with four-letter names to sell out!

Phone Case

Back in April, fans noticed Jungkook’s adorable carrot phone case that he took to the airport. After discovering that it was from an affordable Korean brand, they quickly placed their orders, causing the website to crash and the case to sell out.


During one of Jungkook’s V Live broadcasts, he opened up a bottle of wine after a concert. Even though he didn’t explicitly mention the brand, ARMYs were able to quickly identify the wine he drank and cause the product to instantly sell out in Korea.


Fans have quite the eagle eye. During one of the Bangtan Bomb videos, fans were able to identify the specific toothbrush that Jungkook was using. They purchased the toothbrush so much that it sold out on Korean e-commerce websites and even on Amazon.


Korean ARMYs quickly noticed a book lying in the background in one of Jungkook’s videos. They realized that it was Kim Soo Hyun’s essay, 'I Decided to Live As Me,' and purchased it right away. The book has sold out in Korean bookstores and has even surpassed 600,000 in sales!


Jungkook has been spotted wearing a modern version of the traditional hanbok in several airport pictures. Fans found out that the handbook he wears is from a small brand called Zijangsa. Since then, the business has been overwhelmed with orders, with their homepage crashing several times.

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casstieljeon126 pts Tuesday, July 30, 2019 0
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

SOLD OUD KING. This is the power Jungkook holds 🔥

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Next time on JK's VLive: only audio is available. To prevent ARMYs from selling out everything 😅

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