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Text messages reveal that Kang Ji-hwan's reps threatened the sexual assault victims to settle


Article: Kang Ji-hwan who asked to be sent to prison →suspected of drug abuse on the day of the sexual assault →need to reach mutual agreement

KBS2 TV' 'Entertainment Weekly' aired a special broadcast on the afternoon of the 19th highlighting Kang Ji-hwan's sexual assault allegations and revealed what happened on the day of the sexual assault.

'Entertainment Weekly' revealed an interview with the victim's lawyer Park Ji Hoon who explained the reasons why the victims went to Kang Ji-hwan's house that day. Park Ji Hoon said, "They went to Kang Ji-hwan's house because he was throwing a farewell party for one of the victims. At first there were 8 people but most of them left around 5:00pm. Kang Ji-hwan held back the two victims saying "I have something to tell you", "I'll call you a taxi afterwards."

According to the lawyer, "the actor didn't really have much to tell them afterwards. He opened a bottle of champagne and asked to play a drinking game. He then started asking them inappropriate sexual questions but they didn't want to answer them. Later, when the victims were sleeping in their rooms, Kang Ji-hwan showed up naked and started touching one the victims inappropriately. She was jolted awake to find the actor naked above her and when she tried to scream Kang Ji-hwan put his hand over her mouth."

The lawyer then explained why the victims contacted their friends without reporting directly to the police emergency line [112]. He explained that "there was no cell signal at the house so the victims connected to WiFi and contacted acquaintances, the head of the company Huayi Brothers as well as Kang Ji-hwan's agent." At the time, the agency sent them a message asking them to explain the situation and one of the victims message to the agency read: "Kang Ji-hwan acknowledged his mistake and said "he should be sent to jail." When asked why she didn't report it directly, she confirmed that the "cell signal was weak at his house and she wasn't able to make the call."

The lawyer then revealed "that the team leader at the company where the victims & Kang Ji-hwan worked threatened them after that telling them they wouldn't be able to receive any compensation if they didn't try to reach an agreement with Kang Ji-hwan."

The lawyer also revealed Kang Ji-hwan's abnormal behavior when the police first arrived at his home. According to the lawyer, "Kang Ji-hwan was reportedly singing as he led police to the victims room." As a result, the police conducted a preliminary liver test on the 18th to check for drugs but the test came back negative. Police have requested an in-depth analysis from the National Forensic team and results are expected in one week.

According to the lawyer, the victims feel a great sense of remorse because they weren't able to prevent the crime even if it's a situation where they're the ones that were victimized. But because of all the malicious comments online, they're planning on taking legal action.

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    He really chose the perfect drama for him in the past. "Monster"



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    Monday, July 22, 2019

    This guy is disgusting, and trying to pretend he was sorry while he was actually threatening the victims...



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