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2. POPSICLE (Inst.)

UHSN has debuted with their new single, "Popsicle." For those who don't know, this group was formed on the Mnet reality show of the same name. The show focuses on a gaggle of overseas K-pop fans who train and form a project girl group, all while experiencing Korean culture. UHSN consists of 10 girls, who are: Deesee (Russia), Erii (Japan), Liisu (Estonia/Sweden), Livia (Sweden), Luna (Poland), Maria (USA), Mind (Thailand), Nada (Egypt), Oline (Norway), and Vlada (Ukraine). Fun facts: Erii is an AKB48 member, and was in Produce 48. Maria is the only one fluent in Korean. The group gets its name from the show's unabbreviated title 'U-Hak SoNyeo,' or 'Ticket To K-Pop.' Though not a proper debut (they go back home when all this is over), nonetheless the one-shot single is on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Despite the song's name, it's a hot mess. The repetition is supposed to drive home the message, but all it managed to do is annoy me. I was expecting more, but instead, we got kind of a throwaway song. It sounds more like a B side than a title track.

Don't mistake my distaste for the song as not liking the band. Some of them seemed to have pretty strong voices, which is why it's a shame that got this song. Plus they seem to have their Korean down pat. The best parts of the song were the bridges and the pre-chorus, where you can hear angelic harmonies that should have been a larger part of the tune. They showcased the girls voices the way the entire tune could not.

Overall they get an A for effort but sometimes that's just not enough to push the score higher.


UHSN has dropped their new MV for their one-shot "Popsicle."

The MV opens with Liisu listening to the iconic ice cream truck theme song, and then the song (and the MV) starts in earnest.

And there are all sorts of things going on here (which you'll probably need with 10 members). Of course, they get their own screen time (a second or two before they switch to another member), with brightly colored backgrounds, some animations, and scenes that apparently tie it all together. In one shot they're on a bus waving, the next they're dancing in front of a school. They do the usual, applying makeup together, standing in front of lockers, dancing in the gym, and they look like they're having a blast.

There's nothing wrong with this, at all. In fact, I think the MV itself is better than the song. It's fun, light-hearted, full of more color than real life, and has all the now-familiar tropes. I enjoyed the MV, even if I wasn't a fan of the song.


MV Relevance.......8

MV Production......9

MV Concept..........8







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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It seems that the person who wrote this article didn't understand that music video was not meant as a debut. The girls were just tasked with making a music video at the end of the program, that's it. It was just for the experience. I don't think anyone was really thinking if the song sounded like a title track or a b-side because that really wasn't the point of it all.

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