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Hwasa The Millenial Icon


Cosmopolitan Korea revealed its cover girl for August is Mamamoo Hwasa. This comes just weeks after Hwasa was the hot topic for her “no bra airport scandal”.

For the past year, Hwasa has been in the spotlight for her controversial stage and everyday outfit with some netizens expressing their discomfort with her revealing outfits. Hwasa has proven she is not fazed by the outrage and will not change herself based on the opinion of others. When she was criticized by netizens for her revealing airport outfit she responded by going braless on her way back to Korea.

While some people might think Hwasa choice of outfit is just for attention, long time Hwasa fans know she has always dressed and acted how she wanted without a care to what people think. Pre-debut Hwasa was so close to being cut from the program and rather than apologizing and changing, she responded by sending the CEO a song she composed titled “I Do Me”. This song was later added to Mamamoo debut album.

Hwasa has also been criticized for body and physique. When Mamamoo debuted netizen criticized her that she was not pretty enough and even went as far as writing petitions to remove her from the group. In typical Hwasa style, she used these words to motivate her to show her best self and she has done just that. Rather than changing to fit into Korean beauty standard, Hwasa is staying true to herself and empowering women along the way.

Aside from music Hwasa is also making her mark in variety shows. Last summer she caused a nationwide shortage of gopchang after eating the meal on an episode of “I live alone”. She was given the nickname Gopchang Goddess, received a certificate of appreciation and free coupon of 1 million won from the association of cattle organ meat for her role in encouraging the consumption of beef intestine.

Hwasa popularity continues to grow as she is a highly sought-after model for commercial and brand deals. She is the model for Caribbean Bay Water Park, Coca Cola Gold Peak tea, and the muse for Makeup brand Rarekind and many more brands. She continues to be an icon that motivates not just Korean women but women around the world to love themselves and stop trying to fit into society standard.

Congratulations to Hwasa on her first magazine cover and we are so excited to see what more she has in store for us.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Truthfully she is the type of artist that woman and girls need. You need to brave and be yourself, don't let others pressure you into changing who you are for some stupid expectation from society. She is someone these young girls can look took, it's not about being to sexy it's about being who you are and I respect her staying true to herself as we all should be.



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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

She is the perfect

Role model. Go queen Hwasa



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