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[Feature] Thank you and we'll see you soon: a look back at D.O's career highlights before he enlists


No one is doing it quite like Do Kyungsoo in terms of being both an idol and an actor. Do Kyungsoo, better known as D.O. debuted as a main vocalist in one of the top K-pop groups, EXO, back in 2012. Since then, Kyungsoo has also been taking on many notable acting roles, proving that it is possible to excel in both fields. As Kyungsoo begins his mandatory national service, let’s look back on some of the highlights of his career to celebrate his many talents.

Kyungsoo was first introduced as a member of EXO-K (a subunit of EXO) through the song ‘What is Love’ which showcased both his and EXO-K's co-main vocalist Baekhyun's amazing vocals. Kyungsoo had already proved himself as an extremely competent vocalist, with his strong and deep vocals that never fail to stand out in each EXO track. Kyungsoo is also in charge of taking on many of the high notes of EXO’s track. Despite having a voice with a lower timbre, Kyungsoo nails the high notes of EXO’s songs with a form of effortlessness that can only come with years of hard work and experience. 

Kyungsoo is also able to sing in English, and fans were extremely happy to see him show this at EXO’s previous concerts. This English version of 'For Life', is one live performance which really manages to showcase Kyungsoo’s talents. EXO member, Chanyeol has mentioned that he personally likes Kyungsoo’s voice the most, and that he enjoys playing the guitar for Kyungsoo as he sings. The two of them have also teamed up to bring beautiful acoustic renditions of popular songs like 'Billionaire' and 'Boyfriend'. It is evident that Kyungsoo is an amazing singer and a highly valued member of EXO.

Kyungsoo first came into the acting scene when he took on a supporting role in the drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love”. Although he had an extremely challenging role to pull off, he shocked everyone when he presented his character perfectly, breaking all stereotypes that people had on idol actors. Kyungsoo’s performance was so good that he was later nominated for the Best New Actor and Popularity awards at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards and was also ranked by critics number 1 among 40 Idol-Actors who participated in dramas in 2014. 

That was just the beginning of Kyungsoo’s extremely fruitful acting career as he went on to take on more challenging roleds. Notable shows that really highlight his amazing acting would be “Hello Monster” and “My Annoying Brother." Kyungsoo also went on to star in hit movies “Along with the Gods” 1 and 2, managing to hold his own despite being alongside many acting veterans. His performance in both movies were so exceptional that the director has already confirmed his character would be the leading protagonist in the 3rd movie, which is set to begin filming in 2021 when Kyungsoo is done serving. 

In 2018, Kyungsoo took on the main role in “100 Days my Prince” and through his suave presentation of the Crown Prince, Won Deuk, Kyungsoo became a hot topic in Korea once again for his amazing acting. Do Kyungsoo has really set a new standard for future Idol actors, showing it is really possible to do well in both fields.

Kyungsoo is also a skilled dancer. We see this in “Swing Kids” which features Kyungsoo as Roh Kisoo, a North Korean soldier at a POW camp. In this movie, he learned how to tap dance in order to play his character. In EXO, he also executes each choreography with a signature swagger that is sure to catch your attention whenever he is performing on stage. 

As many of you know, being an idol is not just about being a good performer, but it is also about having great character. Kyungsoo has always been humble and polite about his accomplishment, thanking the fans and people who have supported him through every step of his career. He cares a lot about his fans and is known to be a sincere and genuine person. Kyungsoo even wrote a handwritten letter to inform his fans about his enlistment since he did not have social media or a platform to otherwise let them know.

Kyungsoo also shows amazing loyalty to his group EXO and has never failed to thank his members in all his promotions for his acting gigs. He is proud to be an EXO member and he also loves his members dearly. Although the other members may sometimes affectionately tease him to try to get a reaction from him, it is very evident that the other members of EXO are people that he holds very close to his heart. 

Kyungsoo released his solo song under SM Station on July 1 at 6 pm KST titled “That’s Okay" and  personally participated in the songwriting as a gift to fans. The song is a pop R&B song and is about learning to be okay with letting go of things that hinder your happiness. 

Fans of Kyungsoo have also put together a special clip of messages from fans all over the world for him as he gets ready to enter the army. 

We are all thankful there are so many amazing songs, dramas and movies to watch whenever we are missing Kyungsoo. Thank you Kyungsoo for always giving your best and for loving not only EXO but also EXO-Ls. Please stay safe and take good care of yourself while you are serving the nation! We will miss you so much but we will definitely still be here when you return in 2021! 

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