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YG revealed to have sent Han Seo Hee away to the U.S. for 3 months to keep her involvement with T.O.P's drug case hidden


On June 20, media outlet 'Dispatch' reported in an exclusive article that former trainee Han Seo Hee was sent away to the U.S. for approximately 3 months, per YG Entertainment's coercion back in December of 2016. 

According to 'Dispatch', back in November of 2016, a representative from YG Entertainment contacted Han Seo Hee's label at the time. In a conversation with 'Dispatch' a rep from the label said, "They said they wanted her to be overseas with [Big Bang's] comeback coming up, since she had some problems with T.O.P involving marijuana. We booked the flight for her, and asked her to remain overseas until [Big Bang's] promotions ended." 

Originally, Han Seo Hee was asked to leave Korea back in November of 2016, reported 'Dispatch'. However, due to personal reasons, she had to delay the trip until December; however, pressure from YG continued throughout the delay. During her past police questioning involving her use of marijuana with T.O.P, Han Seo Hee was asked the following: "Why did you go to the U.S. on December 9, 2016?"

She answered, "My company CEO told me, 'YG wants you to go overseas, how about you?'. When I delayed the trip due to personal reasons, YG pressured my company, saying, 'What are you doing? Why is Seo Hee not overseas yet?', so I ended up leaving on December 9." 

Next, when the police asked, "You were in the U.S. for about 3 months, why so long?", Han Seo Hee answered, "Originally, the plan was to remain there for about a month after leaving on December 9, but T.O.P oppa had to enlist on February 9, 2017. That's why my company CEO told me to stay and rest there about two more months."

Here, 'Dispatch' rewound back to October 8 of 2016, when Han Seo Hee first began her relationship with T.O.P. On this day, she received a text message from a number she did not know:

T.O.P: Hello~

Han Seo Hee: Who is this?

T.O.P: I asked 'XX' for your number yesterday~~

Then, in a brief phone conversation, T.O.P introduced himself and stated, "We met at G cafe in Chungdam-dong yesterday. I got your number because I was interested in you." Then, later that night, T.O.P texted, "Will you be done by 10 PM?^^"

At the time, Big Bang was busy preparing for their comeback. On October 10, 2016, T.O.P texted Han Seo Hee:

T.O.P: Are you still lost?

Han Seo Hee: No I'm not oppa. Just a sec, a friend keeps calling me. 

T.O.P: Yepp. I'm bored TT.

T.O.P on October 12, 2016, around 4:42 AM: There's so much work to do TT. Are you sleeping yet?

T.O.P on October 14 at 5:56 AM: I think I'll leave in about 15 minutes.

As such, T.O.P and Han Seo Hee continued their relationship, smoking marijuana together on one account during their relationship and ultimately facing police charges. 

However, according to 'Dispatch', YG Entertainment was able to keep T.O.P's illegal drug use charge under wraps until after the release of Big Bang's 3rd full album 'MADE' by sending Han Seo Hee away overseas. 

Han Seo Hee boarded her plane to LA on December 9, 2016. Big Bang's 'MADE' was released on December 13, 2016. On December 7, 2016, a drug dealer 'C' was arrested by police. In his questioning process, he gave Han Seo Hee's name as a buyer and affiliate. Then, due to her being overseas until February of 2017, police were ultimately unable to investigate Han Seo Hee until much later, 'Dispatch' concluded. 

Meanwhile, T.O.P admitted to charges of using illegal marijuana back in May of 2017. He was serving as a conscripted police officer at the time, but after his criminal offense, he was relocated as a public service worker. The idol is expected to be discharged from his mandatory service next month on July 8.

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SimonaBB329 pts Wednesday, June 19, 2019 21
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Guys this isn't about Top or HSH, this is about YG corrupting people to have his way, HSH and Top were already punished for this, however this evidence can put YG in jail for his crimes, this is just another instance of him trying to corrupt and or intimidate another company's CEO.


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Chark_Attack1,379 pts Thursday, June 20, 2019 4
Thursday, June 20, 2019

She got arrested in August and you asked her out in October? Come on T.O.P., that's just asking for trouble. Even assuming drug use is common in the entertainment industry and you want to find someone who shares a hobby, but at least be bit more thoughtful and find a girl who hasn't already been arrested? 🤣


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