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Taeyeon speaks up about her battle against depression + calls out 'disrespectful' questions on Instagram


Girls' Generation's Taeyeon has answered many loaded questions on Instagram.

On the night of June 16, Taeyeon took to Instagram to communicate with her followers by receiving questions through her Stories. This impromptus Q&A session began with rather ordinary questions such as "did you watch the soccer game yesterday?" or "have you been well?", to which Taeyeon only responded with simple "no"s.

Followers who showed concern for her curt answers asked, "reason for your profile pic disappearing all of a sudden T_T". To this inquiry, Taeyeon replied, "it was getting noisy".

More questioned followed up, and Taeyeon soon responded to almost 30 questions, all uploading them against a black background.

(From top left to right & bottom left to right)

Q: Did you watch the soccer game yesterday?
A: No

Q: Have you been well?
A: No

Q: Reason for your profile pic disappearing all of a sudden T_T
A: It was getting noisy

Q: Unnie..When will Taengu TV be back up...
A: I don't know. Seems like an indefinite postponement.

Q: Did you watch 'Aladdin'?
A: No

Q: Unnie, do you also read YouTube comments? lol

A: No, I don't read them.

Q: Is SM giving you a hard time again? I'm starting to become real angry!

A: How could there be a better company than SM? I am very thankful hahah

Q: Why are you so disrespectful today T_T

A: Oh am I being disrespectful

Q: Unnie, can't we keep going with chair-tanding (seating for concerts) T__T

A: I like standing...

Q: TGTV please!!!

A: Sorry

Q: Should I beat everyone up (for you)??

A: No

Q: Unnie, are you planning on going to Psy's 'Summer Swag' show?!!

A: No No

Q: Why aren't you not updating regularly on Insta these days T______T There's nothing wrong, is there?!?!???

A: I didn't take any (photos) after the concert;

Q: Should I quit my job?

A: No you should live life to the fullest

Q: Is there anything else you can say other than 'No'??

A: Sorry

Q: Unnie, I am the president of TaengKoMo ("Taengu Nostril Lovers") 

A: I love you

Q: You don't have to post on Insta. I am happy with you just updating like this on Instagram Story. 

A: I was a bit sick for a while. Please understand my reason for refraining. Thank you. I'm sorry.

Q: Are you close to Hyeri (Girl's Day)??
A: Yes, we're hella close

Q: You're not going to do Instagram Live?

A: I will communicate when I feel better.

Q: Do you have a bipolar disorder? Tsk Tsk

A: No. I am struggling with depression. I am diligently getting medical treatment, trying hard to become better. Whether it's bipolar disorder or depression, don't tsk-tsk at people and, as someone said previously, don't disrespect them. They are all patients who are hurting.

Q: Grow up if you're thirty years old

A: Being thirty and being forty are all the same

Q: I am also receiving treatment because of depression. Let's fight this together. I'll always support you.

A: It will become better

Q: I will wait for you :)

A: I'll try. Thank you. 

Q: I want to give you all the purple colors of the world...

A: Thank you.

Q: Taeyeon is someone special who consoles me but I am sad that I can't be the consolation to you unnie. I love you.

A: That's not it at all. It really does make me feel better. That's why I am talking and communicating (with you), so that I can lean on this. Thank you.

Q: (three purple hearts)

A: (three purple hearts) Thank you for listening to my songs, looking for them, and liking them a lot. I receive strength because of it. Everyday.

Q: What is your ideal type??

A: All of a sudden?? LOOOOOL

Q: Giving you a virtual hug! 

A: I started talking to you all because I felt that I needed some cheering up. Thanks to you, I received a lot of good influences. Everything will be fine. I am sorry that I've caused you concern and I believe that even this is a process of getting to know one another. I'll take care of you guys better and try my best. To my fans, to whom even after I give only the best of the best, it won't ever be enough.

Following these Instagram Stories, netizens flocked to community sites and left messages of concern and support for Taeyeon. Some include: "I can already tell how hard it must be for her right now, just by looking at this..TT__TT", "I hope she recovers soon, I'll support you :) !", "It seems that she's very distressed right now. I hope that there are people near her to give her a pat on the back... Fans could leave good messages for her too....", "Taeyeon I love you", "It becomes sadder as the questions go down T_T The 'no's are so composed but sad...", "What..."

We wish all the best for Taeyeon. Are there any messages you'd like to leave for her?

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Hc2388246 pts Sunday, June 16, 2019 0
Sunday, June 16, 2019

People can be so cruel on the internet, hiding behind their screens. Before you post something, take a second to realise if it might be hurtful for the other person. Taeyeon always gets so much hate for literally breathing, it’s insane. I hope she gets well soon.



sandra2ne1black275 pts Monday, June 17, 2019 24
Monday, June 17, 2019

depression again? like more than 400 million ppl in the world suffer depression but many of them don't have money to pay their treatment. Don't hate me but is taeyeon saying the true? or is it another new strategy to get attention to gain some popularity again? or get someone's attention specifically then to gain popularity? since lately her solo career is in fast decline, but she loves the popularity, she is a woman of 31 yrs OLD but always acts like an upset self-important egotist teen who seeks attention and compassion....+


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