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More information on Aori Ramen cutting ties with Seungri


A/N Allkpop made an article but failed to basically give any information and there were questions in the comments that I felt I could answer in an article rather than replying the same thing to comments

Former BIGBANG member Seungri officially owns 0% shares at Aori Ramen.

The singer personally owned 5% of shares which have been canceled. The 39% of shares held by Yuri Holdings (a company Seungri co founded) will be sold and the full proceeds donated to the Green Umbrella’s Children’s Foundation. 

As for family ties the stores operated by members of Seungri’s family will be closed or handed down to a third party who has no connections to Seungri. 

Finally, the new CEO Kim Hoon Tae, has expressed regret over the current situations and is hoping to give Aori a positive image once again Stating, “As
one of many lovers of Japanese ramen, I watched the unfortunate situations that Aori Ramen faced. Now, I’ll use all of my efforts so that the customers who liked Aori Ramen can trust and enjoy it once again.” He continued by saying

“The newly beginning Aori FNB and its franchises will create a business model that can continuously contribute to and create value for the community. We will soon release a plan where we and our customers can share our warm hearts with society.”

I hope this clears some information and answers some questions that you might be asking about the current state of Aori 

I got most information from Soompi (link should be above) but I put in a little extra about the charity 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

all the good things Seung Ri did to promote Aori is wiped away or even made worse with his bad news. I had not have a chance to try it but I heard it was venturing and opening overseas branch in Thailand or was it Malaysia.

i did have some hope it would open a branch in Singapore in future but now it seems even in Korea, its survival is threatened



hohliu7,444 pts Wednesday, June 19, 2019 3
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The main sufferers are the smaller franchise owners.... The lucky ones in good location may have bought over but at low value.. they others either close down or ride the storm.


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