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Mnet catches the staff member who spoiled 'Produce X 101's first ranking, warns of strong legal action


Mnet has caught the staff member that spoiled the first round of eliminations.

Last month, a staff member had detailed everything that happened during the first eliminations and posted the excel sheet screenshots. The spoiler was 100% correct, from the ranking details to other situations as well. 

The staff member that originally uploaded the spoilers apologized and said, "I apologize to the staff and the trainees that were hurt from my actions. I made a giant mistake revealing what was happening during 'Produce X 101's first eliminations on May 26th as comments in this cafe, and then deleting them. I was too naive about what the consequences of my actions would be. My comments were screenshot and organized and went all around the internet as the 'Excel Spoiler'. I didn't realize how serious my actions were until I was contacted by the company. I did sign a confidentiality agreement, but I did not completely read the contract. I didn't listen to the management when they said not to reveal spoilers, and this happened. I was thoughtless and it is inexcusably my fault. I cannot turn back the time, but if I could, I will never make this mistake again. I apologize to everyone once again."

Mnet said, "To protect our viewers, we will continue to launch detailed investigations whenever spoilers occur and take strong legal action. An uncountable number of staff work hard to make this program, and we hope that their efforts are not wasted through spoilers. We will also work hard to make sure no more spoilers occur."

Today, Mnet will be filming their 2nd round of eliminations for 'Produce X 101'. Do you think there will be any more spoilers?

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NoahL277 pts Sunday, June 16, 2019 0
Sunday, June 16, 2019

That staff need to be sued. Period.



Winston2,954 pts Sunday, June 16, 2019 0
Sunday, June 16, 2019

I wonder why is King of Masked Singer able to prevent spoilers since its recorded days or weeks before and when the masked singer remove his or her mask, the ppl in the audience, the cast, and also the staff recording, saw the identity but never talk about him or her on SNS or KakaoTalk.

I read that its because the PD has a strict rule to all audience that if anyone is caught leaking the identity and spoiling the broadcast, there is a fine.

Of cos you can argue you cant compare "King of Mask Singer" to a national interest show like "Produce X 101" but if one show can manage to contain leaks, i wonder how come the other isnt.

Produce 101 Season 2, there was some issues where the contestants who later had access to phone or SNS, dropped hints of what song they wanted and had fans vote for the concept song for them.

They managed to avoid that in Season 3 and 4 but now its their own staff doing it..

They should confiscate all staff smartphones and return them only after the day ended. or have a fine equal to 1 year of pay if anyone is caught.. so hefty that no one will want to do it, or even think of doing it.



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