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Will Red Velvet be able to hold their status as one of the big three in the future?

This is a honest question. I am no hater nor I intend to disrespect the group or the fans.

Kpop scene changes really quick. Groups can go from heaven to hell in one year, others from nothing to everything with one song, and so on. This, together with new groups popping out every now and then makes kpop extremely unstable for groups and companies.

Red Velvet is in an odd position right now. From the beginning of third generation it was more or less consensus the big three was Twice, Blackpink and Red Velvet. But now Twice and Blackpink are so far away from everyone else they are playing in their own league. RV didn't advance so much.

Plus there is the emergence of monster rookies Itzy, Iz One and Everglow. Itzy's debut was a massive success, Iz One is doing extremely well in Korea (already selling more than RV) and Everglow is catching international attention.

Where does Red Velvet stand in this situation? They are not suited to Twice and Blackpink level anymore. But they are also not playing the rookie league. Their latest comeback was only mildly successful, and is term of sales they were never the strongest (and the rookies are catching up, as I said).

Is SM gonna give RV the necessary for them to stand with the big ones? Twice and Blackpink are bigger every comeback, the rookies are coming fast and strong. The competition is fierce. If SM does nothing, RV might not be able to hold their own status.

Anyway, I do hope RV stand big. I think they are really talented and some of their song are my favorites. I still think RV, Twice and BP are the holly trinity, but I don't deny it's getting harder for RV to keep their game.

Ps: sorry for grammar errors. Not my first language.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

As much as I love RV, I admit that this is exactly what I'm feeling too. SM needs to promote RV the right way. I don't want RV to be the next f(x). It still hurts while thinking about them (I hope they come back).

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Firstly, there's kind of a false analogy going on here, with regards to the words 'big three'. Big Three refers to the companies, not the artists. There was never a stable Big Three ranking for girl groups, since it fluctuated a lot, depending on the year.

Secondly, I think it's important to carefully define what you mean when you think of 'success' or 'status'. People take different factors into account when defining those two things - usually they would pick the ones that favour the groups they stan. So it's a bit hard to say who's "rising" or "falling" in terms of status, because it all depends on how you calculate 'status'. Here are a few factors that people may consider, but may place different weightage on:

- Music Sales:

--- Physical

--- Digital

--- Streaming

- Brand Reputation:

--- Merchandise sales

--- Advertising CFs & Sponsorships

--- Broadcast appearances

--- Ability to make the news (usually in terms of records broken)

- Social/Cultural Impact:

--- Social media influence

--- Opening new markets for Kpop
--- Celebrity partnerships / networking

--- Influence outside pop culture (e.g. helping S. Korea build diplomatic relations with other countries)

- Fanbase:

--- Size of fandom

--- Concerts / tours ticket sales

--- Fan event attendance / profitability

I'm not part of the Red Velvet fandom, so I don't really know for sure how well they're doing in all of these factors, but as far as I know, among 3rd-gen girl groups, their album sales are only second behind TWICE. [Source] And they did have quite a bit of cultural impact when they performed in North Korea for Kim Jong Un.

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