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Seungri fans write letter of support to him after arrest warrant request dismissal


Seungri's fans wrote him a letter of support after the news of his arrest warrant dismissal.

The former Big Bang member still stands accused of negotiating prostitution, soliciting prostitution, tax fraud, embezzlement, and distributing illegal hidden camera media of women, but some fans are still staying loyal to the former star, who's officially retired from the entertainment industry. On May 15, fans of Seungri left him the message below:

"To our forever 'Seung-cheubi'

For the past month and a half, I've received criticism and hatred from the public and all the investigative services have looked into me. In this kind of situation, I've become driven into a corner as a traitor, and I cannot allow myself to cause harm to so many people just because I want to survive.' 

Seungri fan communities and galleries have stayed quiet until now to protect Seungri's last statement, but we've been continually supporting him. We're leaving this letter to let him know there are still fans who support him after the court's fair and deep judgment yesterday.

Judge Shin Jong Yeol of the Seoul Central District Court dismissed the arrest warrant because 'There's room to dispute the main suspicion of embezzlement. It's also difficult to acknowledge a reason for detention, such as potential destruction of evidence, for the other suspicions.'

It's a sign of a healthy society for the judge to not be swayed by societal opinions and come to a judgment according to the law and evidence. It's also right according to the separation of powers. We sincerely ask for the public not to respond emotionally to the judgment, but to look calmly at the investigation results.  

We want to give words of comfort to Seungri, who must've suffered yesterday in a place completely disconnected from the world. Seungri's gallery is thankful once again to feel that there's still justice in society, and we sincerely ask that Seungri's basic rights are protected as the investigation without detention continues."

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Matti20111,721 pts Wednesday, May 15, 2019 11
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The ignorance on the replies here, most of you never followed the case but fast to make your judgment based on your "feelings"

Seungri never raped anyone or harm anyone

Seungri wasn't on the group chat where they laughed about raping women (if he was he'll be lining next to JJY on court) but he's not, and police didn't even said he is.

Seungri never provided prostitution for others, every claim made by police and media contradicted themselves, the Japanese investor, The madam all preparing for lawsuit for dafimetion, and every single person in Seungri BD party said they were there for a friend Willingly, and enjoyed their time.

They claim he embezzled money, a total of 10K??? For God's sake that's how much his golden phone case worth, and your saying he did that lol, even court found it stupid.

He's gambling? Since when this is wrong???

He paid officer??!! It was officially cleared and he didn't do it!

He had sex with women!!!! SHOCKING! the women WANTED to have sex, she talked and said she wanted it!! But calling her prostitute for that!!

Yeah go a head live and judge person based on nothing.

The hero Kim who said loud and clear that he'll revenge using Seungri name! And now he's facing 3 sexual harassment charges (did it in one night) and assaulting police officers

The female reporter your second hero, released with her channel SBS fake chats, which sbs "apologized" for, manipulate many stuff, and now she went silent after her shit turn out wrong as she trusted blindly wrong person (Mr. Kim) and never forget she actually knew about the raping and JJY doings but didn't say shit for 2 years.

200 reportes have molka chat where they laughed and judge victims, but where is their judgment? All the higher ups!l that they kept screaming about!! Where are they???

But go ahead call me delusional and what even you want, but the fact this case went on focusing only on Seungri, when it turn out till now 95% of things they claimed are fake, and the hate went only on him. But all the actual criminals are already way gone. But keep hating him and hating us for standing still and not drifting away by mass witch hunt.


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Kirsty_Louise6,432 pts Wednesday, May 15, 2019 20
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I am all for justice and accept him not being arrested. That's how the justice system works, despite personal feelings and mine toward him are not favorable. But law is law, so I'll accept that.

But the way that this makes out like Seungri is a victim here, nah. Fuck that. He's turned a blind eye to some messed up shit and has shown he's far from a good person. He was an idol, in a position of influence to millions of people and this is what he did with it. He doesn't deserve fans like this. He turned tail and ran when this all started for a reason. He knew the real Seungri was about to be exposed, he's not the same Seungri we knew!


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