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[Review] Lai Kuan Lin's 'Good Feeling Fanmeeting' in Singapore


I want my music to tell a story.” The 17-Year-Old, former member of Wanna One, Lai Kuan Lin definitely managed to do that through the amazing performance he put on last Tuesday at his 'Singapore Good Feeling Fanmeeting.' Lai Kuan Lin, though shy in character when he isn’t performing, showed a 180-degree change as soon as the music was on and proved his worth as a solo act on stage.

Known as a chick trainee on the popular show, 'Produce 101,' Lai Kuan Lin has come a long way to be the confident artist that he is today. One thing that really caught my eye was his humble and grateful attitude he still managed to maintain despite his popularity and the fame that came along with it. His gratitude could be clearly seen from how he spoke about other K-pop artists that had helped him in his journey so far. Kuan Lin spoke about his unit mate, Pentagon’s Wooseok as a ‘tall giant’ he was extremely thankful to know, how he viewed him as a life teacher and someone he considered as family. He also talked about his friendship with EXO’s Suho and how lucky he is to have older hyungs in the industry that are there to give him advice when he has tough choices to make. Lai Kuan Lin’s gracious character really stood out to me as he even remembered the MC of the night’s event from the last time they met in Singapore. He not only remembered the host by name but also took the time to thank him and asked fans to cheer for him since he took him and the other Wanna One members around the previous time they were in town.

Lai Kuan Lin’s humble attitude could also be seen through his want for self-improvement as he promises to work harder in many different ways for fans. Giving himself only a 5/10 for his basketball, cooking and English speaking skills, he promises to work harder to give a better version of himself for fans in the future. His desire to constantly better himself for his fans was extremely endearing to see. It is through small gestures that the former Wanna One maknae’s kind character really shone through.

At Kuan Lin’s fanmeeting, he not only showed off his signature boyish charisma but also put his fluent trilingualism to good use. He conversed in English with the host in ease, making a few swift seamless transitions into Mandarin to ensure that his Chinese speaking fans who flew in to watch him also understood what was going on. At the start of his career, Kuan Lin had difficulty with his pronunciation of Korean words, especially while rapping. Seeing him stand on stage as he rapped with clear diction confidently, just showed how far he has come since then and how much he has improved in his Korean.

For Kuan Lin’s performance, he prepared a few songs for fans such as "Hypey," "I’m a star," and "Good Feeling," which were all songs from his album '9801' with his unit mate, Wooseok. He mentioned how the music he was performing was very different from music the public was used to hearing when he was with his former band Wanna One. He then went on to talk about how he hoped fans would continue supporting the direction he was heading in despite that large change. From the confidence he had while executing each one of the tracks, it was clear that Lai Kuan Lin had finally found a genre that he is extremely comfortable with and one that he enjoys and vibes with the most. On stage, Kuan Lin managed to hype everyone up by delivering an extremely polished performance. It was evident to all that he enjoyed the performance and just the feeling of being on stage as he danced effortlessly and rapped with a smooth flow.

The best way I think I can give back to my fans is through my performance on stage” - The 17-year-old wanted to thank his fans through an amazing performance and he did exactly that by giving his all in his first ever solo fanmeeting. He surely left his audience with a "Good Feeling" as he promised to go on another fanmeeting tour soon. Lai Kuan Lin might be young, but he has a lot of talent and we can’t wait to see what else he will have in store for us the next time around!

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