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Whee In and Hwa Sa's mistake on their matching tattoos


MAMAMOO's Whee In and Hwa Sa, with a friendship of 10 years,got matching tattoos on their neck that says "Caddo" believing that it means the word friend in a Native American language. However, it turns out that Caddo is actually the name of a Native American tribe. The Caddo word for friend is actually tejas/taysha, which is where the name for the state of Texas derives from. 

Along with this mistranslated mistake, many Koreans and Korean fans have followed the two idols footsteps and are getting similar tattoos with their friends not knowing that it is an accidental mistake. 

A cute matching friendship tattoo idea has turned out to be not what they expected. Now it is becoming a new hot trend among some Koreans, whom are unaware of the mistranslated mistake along with the two idols. 

  2. Whee In
  3. Hwa Sa
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Anubis33562,929 pts Sunday, May 12, 2019 3
Sunday, May 12, 2019

Well if Ariana Grande can have a type of Japanese BBQ tattooed, I don't see why Hwasa and Whee In cant have a tribe name as a tattoo. lmao

Did they say that "caddo" means friendship?


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chuubit17 pts Sunday, May 12, 2019 26
Sunday, May 12, 2019

Why were they getting a native american tattoo that they have no connection to in the first place? Anyone who gets a tattoo from a language or culture that they have no connection to is never good. Now because of their mistake people are fooled to also believe them and are doing it too. This is a big yikes. Hopefully they can inform their fans of their mistake!


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