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#HappySuhoDay Looking at some of EXO Suho's best leader moments

As our bunny leader, Suho, turns 29 in Korean age (on 22nd May 2019), let’s look back at some of our favorite moments where Kim Junmyeon proved himself to be the best leader EXO could ever have! 

1)Suho is always very generous to all his members and even their staff

    He used to buy them meals pre-debut and even though EXO is a big group, Junmyeon has always been generous and he never fails to pay for the other members because he feels like as their hyung, he should treat his dongsaengs. In a 'Knowing Brother’s' episode, it was even revealed that Suho bought all the members and even staff expensive winter padded coats that said ‘Saranghaja’.

    2) Suho gave Kyungsoo his credit card without him even asking 

    In 'EXO Showtime', Suho passes Kyungsoo his credit card to pay for his food without Kyungsoo even asking. I think this just goes to show generous Suho is and how it is very common for him to be treating the other members. EXO members are extremely lucky to have him to depend on!

    3) Suho had to pull his members to safety because they were too distracted by what was going on stage

    Suho is always looking out for his members. In this video, his members were too excited by the performance and he had to step in pull them to safety because only he noticed that his members were in the way of the roving camera. Thank you for always looking out for the other members Junmyeon!

    4) Suho went up on stage alone to collect the award for 'Overdose’s first win

    One of the best shows of leadership that I have ever seen would be when Suho attended a press conference to speak out about Kris leaving SM alone and also went up by himself to collect the award for "Overdose"s first win. Suho did this by himself to protect his members from any potential backlash because it was a very tense period of time for EXO who just lost a member, Kris, who was the leader of EXO-M. The way he handled the situation makes me respect him so much because it is evident he is hurt and upset but he still wanted fans to know everything would be okay. Exo-ls will always love Junmyeon for being EXO’s pillar.

    5) When he sat on the floor at an award show because there weren’t enough seats for all his members

    It is without a doubt that Junmyeon is a very self-sacrificial person and how he gave up his seat at 'MAMA' just goes to show how he always puts his members above himself.

    6) When he went into freezing cold water in 'EXO Showtime' just because he was EXO’s leader

    I think one of the most iconic things about 'EXO Showtime' that I remember is the time when Junmyeon jumped into the water to accompany the members that lost the game because he is their leader, and after that, he even encouraged Kris to do the same since he was EXO-M's leader. He treats his position as EXO’s leader very seriously and there really isn’t much he won’t do for his members.

    7) The way he takes care of EXO’s Maknae, Sehun 

    While Suho takes care of all the EXO members, but he pays extra attention to the maknae of the group, Oh Sehun. Suho has always mentioned how he sees Sehun as his real brother and how he finds himself nagging at Sehun like a mother at times. One sweet moment of Suho looking out for Sehun would be in the recent 'EXO Ladder' episode when he even agrees to sleep with Sehun in his room because Sehun was afraid to sleep alone in an unfamiliar place.

    8) Even while MC-ing an event, he leaves his place to make sure his members know where to go

    Suho’s job as EXO’s leader never stops. In a fancam, it was shown how even though Suho was the MC of an event, he left his post to make sure his members were standing at the correct position. He always thinks about his members when he has other things on his plate.

    9) When he did a trust fall with his members even though he was scared

    Suho has mentioned a few times that he is afraid of heights and it was very evident he didn’t want to do the trust fall off a raised platform on the show ‘Happy Camp’ when the boys were on it. However, he put aside his fear because he trusted his members and he wanted to show that he believed in them. He even ended up almost crying after that because he was so afraid. We really don’t deserve a leader like Kim Junmyeon!

    10) Suho is always respectful to all groups

    Despite EXO being a senior group and having many awards under their belt, Suho has still stayed one of the most humble leaders in the K-pop industry. While collecting any award for EXO, Suho always ensures to bow fervently and he also addresses every single Kpop group with the utmost respect despite EXO’s seniority. It is no wonder that other Kpop leaders speak about Suho is their role model and a leader they aspire to be like.

    11) Suho always puts his members first, even if he himself is upset

    Last but not least, Suho is really an angel because he puts the other members before himself. His own members and even people who have worked with EXO in the past have all came out to say how he really looks after those around him. He puts extra attention on his members, ensuring they get a chance to shine first before thinking of himself. When his members are upset, he makes sure to check on them first, masking his own sadness to put up a strong front for his brothers and for the fans. Kim Junmyeon is really one of the strongest K-pop leaders out there today.

    While the EXO members may often tease and joke around with Suho, at the end of the day, we know that they deeply love their hyung who has protected them and cared for them since day one. Happy Birthday to the kindest, sweetest bunny leader, Kim Junmyeon! Exo-ls all love you to the moon and back!

    You can show your love for EXO's bunny leader by using the hashtag #KIMJUNCOTTONDAY on twitter! 

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