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Posted by exocomebaek AKP STAFF Wednesday, May 8, 2019

10 Most Iconic Performances from the 'Produce' series (so far)


As May 3 marked the premiere of the first episode of Produce X 101, let’s look back at some of the most iconic performances that have ever been staged on the show over the years. (There were really a lot of amazing performances, these are just 10 that really stood out to me)

[Produce 101 Season 1] Group 1's "Into the New World" 

This was the performance that exposed the world to Yoo Yeon Jung as she managed to hit all the high notes of the song amazingly. This group really did "Into the New World" justice, which is an extremely tough feat for any girl group.

[Produce 101 Season 1] Group 1's "Hot Issue"

It was without a doubt that Hwang Soo Yeon deserved the most votes as the iconic shirt lifting part she added before doing HyunA’s part in "Hot Issue" really became a hot issue in 'Produce' history. This is without a doubt one of the most iconic moments in 'Produce'! 

[Produce 101 Season 1] "Bang Bang" - Position Evaluation

Choreographed by the dancing queen, Kim Chung Ha, this performance was everything. Named as the Avengers, each and every girl had a chance to shine in this dance position evaluation. This will always be a fan favorite performance in Produce!

[Produce 101 Season 2] "Shape of You" - Position Evaluation

Even the audience at the live performance were shouting for an encore and we can definitely understand why. Roh Tae Hyun of HOTSHOT showed amazing leadership as he crafted a jaw-dropping performance that was executed perfectly with his talented members!

[Produce 101 Season 2] Group 2's "Sorry Sorry"

"Sorry Sorry" was made up of an extremely well-balanced team with each person in charge of bringing a special element to the stage. The vocals were strong and stable and the dance movements were sharp and smooth. The harmony of the group under Jonghyun’s amazing leadership really made the performance extremely interesting to watch.

[Produce 101 Season 2] "Downpour" - Position Evaluation

The emotions that were shown in this performance is always so heartwarming and it is another position evaluation that allowed each and every member of the group time to shine. Jaehwan’s strong vocals were the pillar of the group, while Sungwoon finally managed to show his amazing vocal abilities and his unique vocal color complimented Minhyun’s softer voice. Jisung’s amazing leadership could also be seen as he encouraged Hyunbin with just a simple, encouraging look. Altogether, "Downpour" was a heart-wrenching song that brought out a lot of emotions from everyone. 

[Produce 101 Season 2] "Super Hot"

Choreographed by both Samuel, "Super Hot" included references to many of the iconic moments of that season’s 'Produce.' In the performance, Sungwoon also finally got his long-awaited center position and finally managed to shine and show off his full potential. The team looked like they were having a great time on stage and it was an extremely lovely performance for all.

[Produce 48] "The Truth Untold" - Position Evaluation

Till today, many fans still think that it was an extreme pity that none of the girls of this performance got a chance to debut in the final line up of IZ*ONE. The emotion performance brought tears to many of the other contestants watching and the hauntingly beautiful blend of Miyu, Gyuri, Miho and Saho's vocals still give me chills to today. It was really a chillingly amazing performance that really gave the four of them a chance to show off their vocal talents. 

[Produce 48] Rumor

The Rumor team was made up of very strong and talented girls and they each managed to show off their skills through this performance. All in all, the song is a major bop, the choreography is the bomb and the girls did a great performance, managing to convey the mood of the song perfectly.

[Produce 48] "Instruction" - Position Evaluation

While the group was made up of low ranking trainees that were forced out of the song they originally wanted, the group still came together to deliver an extremely exciting and high energy performance. Even today, fans are still upset that none of the girls of this performance made it to the final line up.

Which performance did you enjoy the most?

  1. IOI
  2. IZ*ONE
  3. Wanna One
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Secretninja3122,981 pts Wednesday, May 8, 2019 0
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Personally my favorite performance from the past 3 seasons is still Produce 101 S1 “At the same place” it’s definitely still my favorite concept evaluation song and Yeongjung’s high note still gives me chills.



Fenellajsxo3 pts Wednesday, May 8, 2019 2
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Let's not forget Group 2 Boys in Luv, Never team and Open Up team.


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