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YoonA shyly admits she's the visual center of Girls' Generation


On the March 31 broadcast of SBS's 'My Ugly Duckling', special guest MC Girls' Generation's YoonA discussed her idol career. 

MC Shin Dong Yup brought up the topic of idol group members and their respective positions, asking, "Each member usually has a specific position. What was your position, YoonA?" YoonA shyly answered, "I think I was in charge of visuals. So I was in the center." Embarrassed, YoonA couldn't hold in her laughter and added, "I don't know if this is okay..." 

The studio members then attempted to give each of the 'My Ugly Duckling' mother panelists a "position". Park Soo Hong's mother said, "I was told that I have aegyo for the first time in my life after I started this program." Kim Jong Kook's mother added, "I'm in charge of smiles", and Hong Jin Young's mother remarked, "I'm the cute maknae." Tony An's mother was then coined as the mother in charge of adult humor jokes, and she responded with laughter, "That's right." 

Later on, YoonA also recalled an embarrassing incident from her Girls' Generation promotions. "During a stage while we were doing a choreography move where we have to sit down, then stand up, my pants ripped. I was flustered and tried to keep my movements as small as possible, barely getting through it." 

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khun2pm205 pts Sunday, March 31, 2019 2
Sunday, March 31, 2019

Netizens said:

[+2,791, -367] When I think of girl group centers, I think of Yoona first. I think the whole 'center' thing started because Yoona became so famous as the center.
[+1,376, -218] Girl group center Yoona! It's fact that the idea of centers was created because of Yoona .

The center is a big responsibility, The center must be The most multi talented member with the most radiant and powerful vibe, not just to be the most attractive or most beautiful. YOONA invented the center. she is Nation's Center. she is the Best Center, Visual and FACE.


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elf4ever201,015 pts Sunday, March 31, 2019 1
Sunday, March 31, 2019

Legendary Kpop Queen Goddess Yoona on her way to keep raising, setting new rules, breaking barriers and making history without scandals. she is the legendary Continental Goddess Queen of kpop&kdrama, She is very beautiful and she has so much talent, intelligence, fame, money, successes and everything and yet she is the most humble, sweetest, funniest, kindest, most down to earth person in the world. Forbes World named her the ICON and ROLE MODEL !! she deserves it.


Yoona is the Center, the Visual and the FACE of group SNSD, SM and even KPOP, but she is also Nation's Center, Nation's Visual, Nation's Face and Nation's Hallyu Queen/Goddess.


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