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Moon Byul and Solar reveal they get into physical fights


MAMAMOOs' Moon Byul and Solar revealed they have violent fights. 

On March 14, MAMAMOO guested on tvN's 'Life Bar.' During the talk show, Hwa Sa surprised everyone by revealing, "Solar and Moon Byul get into physical altercations." 

Solar explained, "Moon Byul and I don't have arguments. Our hands go up first and we kick each other." She continued, "We get into fights due to the smallest things. We get into a fight on the spot when we get angry," however, "We don't keep it in our minds. We send each other cute memes and make up. We can't help but fight though because we both have fiery personalities."

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Like me and my sister, just a normal attitude between people that are really family. Why take it so seriously?


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Thursday, March 14, 2019

I feel like if it was actually serious, they wouldn't be bringing it up publicly. If they feel comfortable sharing, then they probably aren't on the same level of extreme you might think they are. Also, some people come from families with more physical backgrounds. (not in a creepy or bad way) What I mean is they might smack or hit each other, not THAT hard, but a lot of the time one or the other will shrug it off. Taking this seriously is like sexualizing skinship. Don't take it to another level! A butt slap or head whack is not a big deal between siblings that grow up in families like that, why should it be a big deal between these two when they both admit they do it and don't care?
Also, you are right. They ARE full grown women. But remember that most full-grown women don't live with each other as closely as siblings do. I would say the environment here is more similar to a siblings relationship than a grown woman's because they are together so often.
If you still think that it's immature than I don't know where you're coming from. Sure, maybe their relationship could be better, but some people have their own way of getting along. If it has worked for them since they debuted, it will probably continue to do so.



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