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Questionable But Iconic K-pop Lyrics


Sometimes in k-pop songs they incorporate unnecessary english lyrics. But its ok, since they sound cute anyways!

13. "Feel so what? Touch that guy. Feel so tight day and night."

Sonamoo- Cushion

This is actually one of few generation 3 songs that incorporate full sentences of English. While it was a bit awkward, c'mon! At least they tried.

12. "Don't deny our r squared pi.

U-KISS- 0330

The music video is very heartwarming, and this funny lyric brightens the mood. But basically, this means r-squared-pi symbolizing you and I, or otherwise said as do't forget our love for each other.

11. "Close your mouth. Shut you tongue."


While he was probably trying to be serious, fans LOL at the funny lyrics Shindong said in Mamacita.

10. "If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty"

KARA- Pretty Girl

These lyrics were from Pretty Girl by Kara. While the song itself was super cute, it sure confused some fans in what they meant!

9. "Ring, ding, dong"

SHINEE- Ring Ding Dong

Majority of these lyrics from "Ring Ding Dong" by Shinee don't make sense to us english listeners. basically, the song is about a girl called "Butterfly" dating a man with a "fantastic elastic" heart.

8. "Oh my girl, like a my wife, let's have a baby"

Baek Seung Heon- Till The Sun Rises

Logically, if you look like someone's wife, you just gotta have a baby with her!

7. "Yeah, see what I'm try'na say baby Is your love plus my love, supa luv You know you want it, how that sound?"

Teen Top- Supa Luv

Something that makes it even funnier is the fact that he says it in such a funny way.

6. "I Really Wanna Touch Myself"

TVXQ- Purple Line

While he was taking it quite seriously, we heard it a bit differently. *wink wink*

5. "Time To stop try calculate you're making me frustrate"

KARA- If You Wanna

Even with it being slightly off, the grammar mistakes are cute either with or without!

4. "Shawty Imma Party till the sundown"

EXO- Love Me Right 

 What does it mean? It would have sounded the way they wanted they said "sunrise" instead of "sundown."

3. "You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket"

B1A4- Beautiful Target

That sounds quite dangerous though.

2. "I like-it like-it this, I like-it like-it that"

T-ara- Roly Poly

Personally, this makes me miss Generation 2 English.

1. "Roll Like a buffalo"

EXO-K- Two Moons

From "Two Moons" by Exo-K, absolute gold. This one is just so cute! While it does sound swaggy in a way, buffaloes do not actually roll.

  1. B1A4
  2. Baek Seung Heon
  3. EXO
  4. EXO-K
  5. KARA
  6. SHINee
  8. T-ara
  10. TVXQ
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oldwhatshername180 pts Tuesday, March 26, 2019 1
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Let’s not forget when Shindong told us too

“Close your lips, shit your tongue” 😩

And the ever iconic

“Don’t deny our r-squared pi” from u-kiss 😭

And p.s if you see this don’t apologize to others for posting this article 👌🏼✊🏼


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vpriyajr323 pts Tuesday, March 26, 2019 0
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

shawty imma party till the sundown because sehun had a curfew and has to reach the dorm by 6.. that line tells the hard life of a maknae.. lol



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