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FNC Entertainment confirms Jonghun is leaving F.T. Island & retiring from entertainment


FNC Entertainment confirmed Jonghun is leaving F.T. Island and retiring from the entertainment industry.

On March 14, FNC Entertainment announced in an official statement: 

"Jonghun, who is receiving criticism due to his connection to a recent series of controversies, will be leaving F.T. Island. Our agency would like to make it clear there was no intention to hide or cover up the truth about these matters. Based on our mutual trust with each other, we spoke with him on what he remembers regarding the past incidents before releasing previous statements. We express our deep apologies for causing confusion by releasing inaccurate statements through this process.

There are additional suspicions regarding illegal acts although he says he does not remember them, so he will diligently receive a police investigation sometime this week. Jonghun has decided to leave the team permanently and retire from the entertainment industry.

The agency realizes the severity of the situation and feels responsibility for these matters, and we will fully cooperate with the police investigation process so that the truth can be clearly identified.

Jonghun expresses his apologies to those who were harmed due to his inappropriate and embarrassing words and actions in the past. He's also deeply reflecting on the disappointment he's given to many fans and members of his team. The agency expresses our deep apologies for being inattentive in terms of managing and teaching proper character to our artists and for causing trouble to so many people because of this unfortunate matter.

Jonghun will now halt celebrity life and live while reflecting on himself. The agency also cannot avoid responsibility regarding Jonghun's words and actions that cannot be forgiven by society, so we will guide him until the end towards living as a member of society with an upright perception.

The label promises once again to be more thorough and strict in our management and education of all artists. We apologize."

As previously reported, Jonghun has been tied to a DUI police cover-up as well as Seungri and Jung Joon Young's controversial chatroom.

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chimmybabe-282 pts Thursday, March 14, 2019 7
Thursday, March 14, 2019

Can Seungri and Jung Joon young and every other person that gets caught in the future stop with this bullshit about “leaving the industry” and “retiring”? You’re not retiring, you’re getting blacklisted forever cause y’all are pieces of trash who doesn’t deserve the fame, power, money and need to be put away in jail. Real fuckin talk. Please for the love of god, fuck outta here with that nonsense and if I see these “fans” defending them, take a good look at yourself in the mirror cause you’re only enabling their crimes and shitty actions - you might be bad as them


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mastylee119 pts Thursday, March 14, 2019 21
Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wow, they can make an idol group in the jail, Seungri will remain the most random and least talented.


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