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The meaning behind LOONA's MVs revealed with this easy guide


LOONA's videography is one of the largest from a girl group who has just debuted a few months ago besides having a really complex symbology and lore in their music videos. Block Berry Creative, LOONA's company, stated from the beginning the goal to create art, not just a regular girl group, spending over 8 million USD in order to pursue that purpose.

Being well known LOONA's MVs are really difficult to understand, here you will find the easiest “12 points” guide to read between the lines what's happening in their MVs from what fans have found out.

1) The Loonaverse

LOONA's members are placed in a fictional world calledLOONAVERSE. This world is divided into three dimensions: Earth - Cosmos - Eden. As the members were released, they were placed in eachdimension to finally write their own story and create subunits.

Currently, the first subunitLOOΠΔ 1/3 is a combination of girls present on planet Earth. These girls portray the most realistic and practical scenerios. The second subunit, LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE places itself in Cosmos and they travel throughout the different dimensions trying to unit all the girls together. Finally, LOOΠΔ / yyxy are beyond Earth and Cosmos, in the place called “Eden”, however how utopic that place is will make the girls want to leave it.

2) Members' colors and symbologies

By the time each girl was released, they were creating their own symbology which follows them into the rest of the videos. This could seem a lot of information, but once you play attention to details at their music videos, you will start associating each member with their symbology.

3) Möbius Strip

In Loonaverse, the girls are trapped in a never ending loop called Möbius Strip. For those who don't know, the Möbius Strip is a surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangular strip after twisting one end through 180º.

Each part of the Loonaverse is placed on a surface of the Möbius Strip, so anytime the girls keep going forward, they will flip and end in another part of the Loonaverse forming new subunits and timelines. Being in different surfaces of the Möbius Strip can make the girls change their appearence, personality and memories, but they will still stick to their main features.

4) Black and White

From what has been revealed until debut, the girls were living in a timeline where Heejin (the first member) started everything. Her solo MV called “ViViD” portraits a girl in a black and white cinematography scene wishing to live in a colorful world. After that, all the grey shades faded away, making her music video a colorful enviroment.

At the MV “Sweet Crazy Love” by LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE, the world seems to be exactly as Heejin's: a black and white space with no colors. Suddenly everything turns colorful as well. Kim Lip and JinSoul explore the Cosmos and wake up their strange-odd eye in their solo MV, “Eclipse” and “Singing In The Rain”. However, the third member, Choerry, of this subunit didn't wake up her “odd” eye until her own solo MV, “Love Cherry Motion”.

5) Odd eyes

Some members in LOONA have an “odd eye” which is related to a moon, as it was exposed in the teaser called “Reveal” by LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE. Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry and Vivi have this unique feature, but there is not much information about ViVi's eye. As far as it have been discovered, the members of the second subunit can travel through the different dimensions in order to unit all the girls and break the loop of the Möbius Strip.

6) Android ViVi

ViVi is one of the most unique members in the Loonaverse because she is not a regular girl but an android. In the MV “Love & Live”, she is portrayed as an isolated character who don't understand human feelings and never get tired of physical activities. However, at Yves' solo MV called “New”, it showed us how ViVi lived as a normal human. All the imaginary conceived in this music video is re-created in ViVi's solo MV “Everyday I love you”, but instead of Yves, the robot version of ViVi fell in love with a boy, because her memories have changed.

7) Fruits

If you have seen LOONA's music videos since Choerry's release you must asked youself why they are eating fruits all the time. The answer is simple: loving themselves. It seems like Choerry can travel through the different dimensions when she eats cherries. Nevertheless, in the third subunit, LOONA YYXY, eating these forbidden fruits is dissimilar. When a girl from Eden eats their fruit it symbolizes the act of accepting themselves and denying what is expected from them.

In the MV “Heart Attack”, Chuu has seen eating a green apple what makes her falling to the ground because it's not her fruit, but in her dream with Yves, she accepts herself by eating her forbidden fruit (strawberry), and only that way Yves pays attention to her. For the 11th member GoWon, she accepts herself and stops hidding at shadows, changing her appereance as butterflies (her animal) metamorphose.

8) Olivia Hye's emotion

Back in July of 2018, LOONA YYXY released a mysterious video called “One” where we discovered all the girls of this subunit are indeed the same girl but different emotions. Yves is faith, Chuu represents love, GoWon is hope, and finally, Olivia Hye symbolizes Anger.

Olivia Hye's solo MV “Egoist” portraits a girl who has awakened at the bottom of a unknown place after being dropped from above. This full MV represents how Olivia Hye was rejected by the rest of the girls from Eden for not accepting herself. At the MV “Love4eva”, the girls left Olivia Hye behind in order to escape the symbolic Eden-castle.

As it have been revealed, Olivia Hye's emotion is anger. so in some frames of her solo MV, we can see blood, fire and some animal eyes. At first sight, it only seems to be Olivia Hye's struggles with herself, showing wolf's eyes (her animal) at some points. However, fans recognize one of those eyes weren't from a wolf, but a deer, ViVi's animal.

Could you guess why ViVi is an android after living in Eden now? It seems Yves was the one who dropped Olivia Hye's hand, making her a “fallen angel” from Eden, for not loving herself. As Olivia Hye was accepting her true self, she showed her real color: anger. So she took revenge at Yves' beloved one: ViVi (as it has displayed in the MV “New”), provoking her to change the dimension in order to survive, that situation changes her appearance and memories.

9) Breaking the loop

In LOONA's debut MV “Hi High”, the girls of LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE reunited the rest of the members to form the full group. At the rhythm of the catchy “high high high”, all the girls started running. When all the girls are running together, they can break the loop as it has been showed in the MV “Hi Hight”, Heejin, the first member, started flying to the moon.

However, if you paid attention, not all the girls are running together. The third and the fourth member, HaSeul and YeoJin, were seen in a beautiful green field playing around but we have never seen them running. So, the goal to break the loop has failed in this timeline.

10) YeoJin's mystery and HaSeul's identity

If you have caught up until this point you must be asking why have we never seen YeoJin in any subunit and why she has been only seen with HaSeul. As far as it have been revealed, YeoJin was still 14 years old when the first subunit promotions took place, so Block Berry Creative has to re-schedule plans to make LOONA 1/3 with ViVi instead of her since YeoJin couldn't attend.

Block Berry Creative built up a story to fit YeoJin's absent in the videography narrative and claimed she got lost in an unknown forest, and that's the reason why nobody found her in any subunit or another solo MVs. But why is she lost in a forest?

YeoJin has only been seen by herself in her solo MV “Kiss Later”, pairing with HaSeul in the MV “My Melody” and the short scene in the MV “Hi High” . Seeing her with HaSeul makes everybody think why she got lost and here is the reason: it's not the real HaSeul.

In HaSeul's solo MV “Let me in”, the girl shooted the blonde version of herself. That was apparently the real HaSeul of that timeline. So, fans have realized the HaSeul we have seen in this timeline with LOONA 1/3 is in deed the HaSeul from other timeline, not the real one. This circumstance makes everybody think YeoJin got lost for an unknown reason related to this and that in conclusion, destroy any possibility to break the loop in “Hi High”.

11) Twisting "+ +" to "X X"

LOONA debuted back in August of 2018 with the album “+ +”. Their new release is going to be called “X X”, which is the result of turning the sign “+”. to one side. What could that mean?

At the end of their debut MV, HeeJin seems to break the loop because she starts flying. However, in first teaser for “X X” the girls went backward from that moment because as we know, they failed the goal to unit the girls. So the timeline restarts again.

Fans pointed out how after that teaser, the next releases have been showing the girls from the third unit, LOONA YYXY, re-visiting LOONA 1/3's debut places as the Möbius Strip has changed the order completely.

GoWon appears in HaSeul's crashed airplane scenery in Iceland. Olivia Hye seems lost and drained in a dark tunnel in Paris, Heejin's debut city. Meanwhile Yves and Chuu were seen in the streets of Hong Kong, ViVi's place.

12) The Butterfly Effect

The teasers for “X X” have been hinting fans about the well known “Butterfly Effect”. This is one of the Chaos Theories by Edward Lorenz, who explains the small wingbeat of a butterfly could produce a hurricane in another part of the world (small actions can follow big disasters).

Being GoWon's animal a butterfly, it seems like her actions can follow huge consequences. So, it seems in the new timeline created for this comeback, GoWon could make a difference in order to get to the same point where all the girls were running to break the loop.

Block Berry Creative has been posting teasers for the girls' second concert called LOONAVERSE. In these posters we saw the certain frame were GoWon could change everything by staying with Olivia Hye at the Eden-Casttle from the MV “Love4eva”. That small action could lead into Olivia Hye controlling her emotion and not charging after ViVi, transforming everything for now on in that timeline.

This guide is just a slightly overview of the most important points to understand what's going on in LOONA's account. There are a lot of mysteries flowing around each MV and a lot of unreleased content LOONA has created for their events, for example: an unknown MV with the 7th member, Choerry. replacing 2nd member, HyuJin, in LOONA 1/3, GoWon making a bracelet for HyunJin, etc.

What do you think about this complex lore? Have you ever seen a girl group with a similar creative team behind? Let us know in the comment section below.

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