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Posted by ruben 18 days ago

LOONA fans goes WOW after finding out the meaning behind the X1X teaser

After revealing the mysterious teaser of X1X, LOONA fans found out a few curious things about the short video. At first sight, the video seems to be just a normal video showing the girls' beauty in a black & white but the meaning behind this video is more complex than that.

What catchs up the attention of netizens is the butterfly theme in the video and the numbers showed at the end of the video. The representative animal for the member Gowon is a Emperor Butterfly which can be seen in her solo MV "One&Only". Gowon was crowned in that music vide by other member, Yves, and still fans didn't fully understand the meaning behind that scene. Now it seems this is related to one of the Chaos theories called "Butterfly effect" which explains a small move of a butterfly wings can produce a hurricane in other part of the world (small actions can follow big disasters).

In the videography of LOONA, the girls play a group of characters who are placed in three dimensions (Earth, Eden and Cosmo), and the last member, Olivia Hye, is related to destruction and chaos, and Gowon is the one linked to her in their last subunit MV, "love4eva".

In the teaser, 12 butterflies appears really fast at one point. These 12 bugs are all different species of butterflies and all are related to each member of LOONA in their fictional world. Being the blue emperor the one selected to be placed in Gowon's mouth. So this can be hinting us the next concept for the girls would be the destruction of the LOONAVERSE.

In other hand, the dates showed in the teaser seems to be related to different moon's states, and for the 21st of January we will see a Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, which is a really unique and weird moon state. The super moon is when the moon is closest to Earth, a blood moon is when it's totally covered in red and for a wolf moon we understand the first full moon of january. This turns that eclipse into one of the most uniques ones and all are related to the plot of LOONA members.

Keep looking for LOONA to fully understand what's happening with the girls' comeback since it seems to bring us a mysterious concept.

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jokbal_is_yum 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

Brain...... can't........handle.........all......this........information................!

(But it's like a drug - we'll keep coming back for more!)



toolz 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

BBC is great at teasing, but them debuts Loona with Hi High...



Arcwindz 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

Destruction of Loonaverse?! Lol, what?!

Okay... This group inside story is way too deep



NaiOrbit 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

For those who don’t understand the Loonaverse theory has been building up for 2 years now. BBC incorporated not only the butterfly effect but also Möbius strip and now we are putting the pieces together that might indicate to the Quantum theory as well. A lot of you say oh but why debut with “hi high” y’all don’t understand that hi high was set in a different reality. BBC also dropped a lot of hints that non fans won’t understand. But now things are turning darker. Maybe the another reality or maybe a time backwards effect due to the chaos theory “butterfly effect”. All in all non fan will never understand the complexity of the Loona’s lore. Even Orbits we break our heads sometimes putting the pieces together.



jeyjin 17 days ago 0
17 days ago

The butterfly over the mouth thing makes me thing of an old song by a visual kei group called Malice Mizer. It was called Au Revoir and one of the members had a butterfly over his mouth and the the butterfly kept changing. I watched it again and i noticed a lot of similarities too with loona symbolism. The apples, the running, butterfly over the mouth, the moon....it was probably just a coincidence but it was amusing to me



Indri_hapsari 18 days ago 1
18 days ago

to be honest i wanna laugh with all of this theories n that butterfly specification for each member ,since i ve heard their debut song were really cheap compare to the theories n concept



NaiOrbit 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

You know nothing so why comment ? Also hi high was not cheap. Thanks for the unnecessary comment from a non intellectual who can’t comprehand that lore has been building for 2 years now. hi high alone didn’t have to have a lot of hints of it because Loona has plenty of MVs for fans to understand or get into the lore. If you aren’t a fan you will not understand the company dropped hints of the lore in hi high as well. Also BBC will never be obvious with the lore. That’s why the complexity of the story takes a lot of thinking. Math, philosophy, religion, physics, science all play part of the lore. And the fans love it. (butterfly effect, Möbius strip, Quantum theory)

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