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Netizens react to the news that Seungri might be investigated as CEO of Burning Sun


On the 18th, Police revealed that they haven't ruled out an investigation into Seungri.

This is because Seungri was listed as the CEO of 'Burning Sun' as well as the fact that he resigned merely 4 days before the sexual assault allegations against the Club first broke. Bundled with the fact that his own mother was the Club's auditor and there is evidence that the Club's staff referred to Seungri as CEO and he was involved in operations, it's become harder to complete separate him from his role at the Club. 

On the 18th, Police arrested a staff member from the Club who was found with all manner of drugs at his house and another staff 'A' was suspected to be the supplier of drugs to the club.  'A's home was raided and Police found unknown liquids and powders that they suspect to be drugs that are currently under analysis.  As a result of all these happenings, a police official spoke up for the first time saying that they are considering opening an investigation into Seungri himself as the evidence is mounting that he might not be completely removed from the situation as he was the CEO of the establishment. 

Netizens reacted with fervor online saying, "It's shocking that they still don't feel the need to investigate him yet, does that even make sense? If he was the CEO, shouldn't he be investigated? Isn't he the main figure in all this? Do they really think that we're dumb enough to believe the news they rigged? Who's protecting him?"

Some netizens even mentioned the fact that his own staff called Seungri CEO and there's a picture of him with the Chinese Woman 'A' responsible for drug distribution. "Any passing dog could tell that Seungri is not innocent when it comes to what happened at Burning Sun, so why are the Police refusing to acknowledge that? This is what makes people think he has secret connections." 

In the meantime, Burning Sun shut down operations on the 17th and the Police have made one arrest with regards to the case.  Stay tuned for updates. 

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hohliu7,561 pts Tuesday, February 19, 2019 7
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

LOl, his fans must be screaming He is Innocent!! LOL, regardless, he is or not. He needs to be investigated. I remember a fan in AKP insist he is proven not guiltly of being CEO. This article just proves, Fan Prove is not the same as Courts report.


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BIGBANG_VIP_4eva6,260 pts Tuesday, February 19, 2019 0
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Of course he should be investigated. If he has nothing to hide there’s no problme. If anything it’ll prove his innocence or guilt and stop speculation.

If they are going to investigate him, they better get a move on so they can do it thoroughly and leave themselves and Seungri enough time before enlistment in case anything comes from it.

I love Seungri and BIGBANG, but this needs to be investigated not because I think Seungri has done anything wrong but because of the nature of the entire thing.

I do hope that after this, the police begin looking into other clubs as clubs are riddled with drugs and sexual harassment/assault. People should begin reporting them from other clubs too and not just focus on this because there’s a celebrity in the mix



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