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EXO's Sehun is still afraid of sleeping by himself?


Netizens noticed EXO's Sehun displaying his "maknae charms" to the max, 7 years after debut!

During an episode of 'Travel Around The World On EXO's Ladder' season 2, currently airing exclusively via oksusu TV, Sehun managed to score the best room at the group's rental vacation home. 

Sehun's room, located on the first floor with access to the pool in just a few steps, came complete with a living space as well as a private jacuzzi. 

However, after seeing his room, Sehun spontaneously remarked, "If you want to sleep with me, fall in the water." 

When none of the members budged, Sehun switched targets to fellow member D.O, stating, "If you fall in the water, you can have the bed." 

Far from obliging, D.O. began teasing his dongsaeng, with, "This might actually be punishment for Oh Sehun. Have fun by yourself~"

Watching his hyungs abandon him with a crestfallen face, Sehun continued to roam from room to room, asking the members, "Can you really sleep alone? Are you sleeping alone?"

Ultimately, Sehun made his way to a large room shared by Suho, D.O, Chen, and Kai. He proposed, "Let's do this fairly. Let's all play rock, paper, scissors, to see who comes to my room." 

D.O: "No, Oh Sehun, go to your room and go to sleep!"

Sehun: "I'm... gonna go back to my house [in Korea]..."

D.O: "How could you possibly go home."

The angelic leader Suho emerges: "Is it that impossible for you to sleep by yourself?"

Sehun, blows up to momma Suho: "I'm serious! Do you think I'm being like this to be funny??"

In the end, Suho came and slept with Sehun.

The next day. Baekhyun, to Sehun: "So did you sleep well?"

Suho: "There was nothing there, but for some reason he kept saying, 'ghosts, ghosts'." 

Baekhyun: "Because he's a scaredy-cat kekekeke". 

Baekhyun: "You can sleep by yourself now, right?"

Sehun, to Suho, like nothing happened: "Go back to the shared room today. I'm used to the place now." 

Have you been watching 'Travel Around The World On EXO's Ladder' season 2 in Kaohsiung? The series also premieres via XtvN beginning February 20 at 8 PM KST!

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TripleSThankKyu2,121 pts Saturday, February 16, 2019 2
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sehun is so cute


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vpriyajr429 pts Saturday, February 16, 2019 1
Saturday, February 16, 2019

he seems to be the kind who is not comfortable sleeping in unfamiliar places.. even in their old shows suho shares the room with him even if other members sleep in separate rooms..

no wonder even after being 24, exo and exols pamper him.. he is a giant baby boy..


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