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Posted by Seungris_Waffle47 pts Saturday, February 16, 2019

Big Bang's Seungri final concert in Seoul sells out. Fans fill the entire Olympic Arena.


Since the Burning Sun scandal media outlets have been focusing on Big BangSeungri's career more then ever before. Despite the lack of evidence of his involvement in the Burning Sun case, Seungri still has many people worried.

After the news broke out that Seungri's fans cancel their tickets to his final Seoul concert, many people feared that the artist will have no audience to perform for. As it luckily turned out that was not the case. Only a couple of tickets were eventually put on sale and all the remaining one's sold out like hot cakes, not leaving a seat left.

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maragana446 pts Saturday, February 16, 2019 2
Saturday, February 16, 2019

I'm glad Seungri's real fans stuck by him. It was an unfortunate situation which his name was attached to, but he is ultimately a man who wasn't charged w/ a crime nor had to pay a penalty for it. I hope he enjoyed one of his last shows before his enlistment.


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Not_interested40 pts Saturday, February 16, 2019 0
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Well it was kinda expected. Those so called netizens are usually few people that shits on every little post and bashes everyone. They barely represent a whole society.Most of them have some mental problem,struggling with depression e.t.c They are not allowed to say their opinion, specially young people are under so much pressure in hierarchical society.Asian countries don't take mental problem seriously. There are only few ways to relieve their stress:

-Spending their time in online and forums. By insulting others they feel better for being insulted by their boss. Specially in Korea hate against females and misogynist comments are spreading wild because of increasing female status. They feel intimidated and scared. Insulting women is their method to feel secure and superior.

Some just try to ruin someones life because they are more successful than them.They feel like failures in society and think rich and successful ones are at fault of their failure. You can see many examples in Kpop. Recently so many celebrities were caught in ridiculous rumors. Nuest Baekho case is one example.Just after Nuest got some attention from P101 suddenly there appeared a girl who was "raped" by Baekho. She was silent before but suddenly appeared out of nowhere after 8,9 years.According to her claim Baekho was around 13,14 years old at that time. Then appeared so many people who were bullied by him.Guys wrote their own sobbing stories.After police investigation they all admitted lying and never ever meeting him in the past. They told that they did it for some attention,receiving so may notification and pity in their loser life was nice to them. So called netizens were all bashing Baekho calling him raper and all,looked like everyone was jumping in that bandwagon. I don't see them anymore?? Seungri case is similar, hey let's put name Seungri here so we could get more attention. Doesn't matter if he is not involved we need to screw his name and take pity from others.Yeah. Our losers of course would comment their negativity as usual but those who actually got a life are not bothered.



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