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SOPA students who were forced to perform by the principal talk pay, parents, and performance


On January 28, it was revealed the principal of the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) and his wife forced students to perform at various personal events. Students, who were used for the principal's personal matters, opened up about the events on CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyun Jung's News Show.'

One student stated, "We were also taken to military bases and nursery homes. The students who were taken to the military bases were mostly female students. The teacher said the soldiers like it when we hold their hands or give them hugs. They demanded us to provide physical contact. I was angry."

When asked what they performed for the soldiers, the student revealed, "We performed HyunA's 'Bubble Pop' and 'Lip & Hip.' We exposed our ab area or wore short shorts. We had to walk around and give skinship while dressed like that."

Students revealed they felt uncomfortable in about 5 out of the 10 events in a year.

To the question, "Did you tell your parents?", a student replied, "I don't think my friends did because they know their parents will be upset. I think they kept quiet because they didn't want to upset them while paying expensive tuition (to attend the school)."

The next question asked if they receive any pay for their performance. A student stated, "We found out about the pay after reading the news. We have never been provided practice fee or outfit fees for the performances. We've never even received transportation fees."

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The principal and his wife are sick people.


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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Poor kids have essentially been pimped out.


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