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'Burning Sun' reveals CCTV video + articles being deleted on Naver?


As a result of the ongoing controversial news surrounding Seungri's club, 'Burning Sun' has allegedly revealed a CCTV video.

In an interview with Asia Economy on the 29th, an official from Burning Sun said, "The images that are floating on the internet for the alleged "assault" are not true at all." "We will reveal the footage of the woman who appeared in the video and what happened outside.

Earlier, various SNS and online communities began circulating a video of the alleged assault at the 'Burning Sun' club. In the video, a man is grabbing a woman who seemed to be drunk and dragging her outside. 'Burning Sun' has unveiled a new video that appears to be taken from outside showing the woman that was dragged out by the workers. 

In the video shared with Asia Economy, Burning Sun explained that the woman in the video is the same person from the video shared previously in the online communities.  The official said,  "A customer, a Thai woman stole a drink from another table.  This woman assaulted the guard who came to control the situation and we reported it to the police. It's true that the employees are involved in the assault but innocent people are being injured by the false image that is circulating online.  We plan to take strong legal recourse."

Please note: No video was attached to the article and per reading the comments netizens are also asking for Burning Sun to make the video available. 

Some netizens are alleging that the video they saw that was shared by 'Burning Sun' shows the Thai woman wearing black stockings while the woman in the original video shared online had bare legs.  They think that either the CCTV has been edited or its of a different woman. 

It also appears that multiple trending articles on Naver with conflicting statements than those shared by 'Burning Sun' are being deleted online. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

This is the reason I refrained from posting or commenting anything before a couple of days passed since things like this ALWAYS happen, people making assumptions before all the facts are explained, people ONLY reading the title that is most likely CLICKBAIT, and then making Twitter threads about stuff they haven't educated themselves, sadly this not only effects the artist (in this case Seungri) but also the victims, who loose all the focus because people are too busy bashing the idol... Hopefully everything will be resolved, and the correct legal measures are taken.



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