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Mommy Son decides to accept the endorsement deal for 'Mommy Son' rubber gloves without any pay


Rapper Mommy Son has become the new face of 'Mommy Son' for free. 

On January 9, Mommy Son announced he has officially received an endorsement offer for the rubber glove brand. He has decided to accept the offer without any pay. 

Mommy Son explained, "When I first arrived at 'Mommy Son' for a meeting, I felt the feelings I had when visiting my grandma's house." 

He continued, "I asked them about the people who create the rubber gloves and was told the majority of the employees have been working here for 20, even close to 30 years. Nowadays, it's uncommon to see many employees working at one company for a long time due to our society filled with 'gapjil' (arrogant, authoritarian attitude). It was impressive how the employees said they could not let go of the elders who have dedicated their youth to the company, even though they might be slow with work. Mommy Son and 'Mommy Son' will continue to support each other!"

He added, "P.S. They gave me quite an allowance as if treating a grandson visiting a grandfather's home. I will make sure to use this for a meaningful cause!"

Netizens are praising Mommy Son's thoughtful decision, and commented, "Wow, Mommy Son is amazing," "Mommy Son is the best," "What an amazing rapper."

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

ok, so basically he took his stage name after a glove manufacturer? and we were wondering XD



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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dude has HIS head on straight.
Good for him!!!



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