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Posted by kevanimeweird824 pts Sunday, November 4, 2018

Should jennie get her own solo career


for the past few post / I decide to make another article concerning a hot topic which seems to have an effect on people mind .

Should blackpink jenne get her very own solo career already ,most idol groups I know would probably wait until the group to settle in or wait for the groups success in order ro give one a solo career so do jennie deserve this choiice or do you think its soon ?

Kpoppers have compared the girl crush group to their senior group 2ne1 ,similarities have been compared for the way i see it yeah history is totally itself even though blackpink doesnt have a leader role we all know who perfectly fits that description *cough jennie . It has been two years since blackpink debut and theyre now the best top selling girl group in kpop which have gained recognition for their debut song which was a hit and now they even another hit such as duddudduu which suceed their seniors 2ne1 "im the best " with 4 million likes on their video we all now theyre the top girl group but lets discuss the group success in a matter of two years ,they are the most kpop viewed video for this year 😊, they have huge sucess in japan already but is it to early to have solo debut already .

Most girl groups I know waited a year to give a member a solo career but to me I believe they choose the girl who the fans loved and are voted most popular so maybe thats why jennie was picked right ? I mean people would say she reminds them of 2ne1 leader CL but CL didnt get solo right away it park bom or dara also many people would agree that fact jennie alwaya have the best fitted clothes that makes her stand out more soo yeah I do see what theyre comming from .

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kpoplova980 pt Sunday, November 4, 2018 1
Sunday, November 4, 2018

I'm sorry, but shouldn't someone edit the articles before they're published? There are spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and a lot of missing words.


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gwibby60 pts Sunday, November 4, 2018 4
Sunday, November 4, 2018

Um... are we ignoring the fact that we've already had a statement that it's not just Jennie getting a solo, but that all of the members will be having solo promotions?


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