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Rania's agency DR Music participates in bullying


DR Music isn’t very pleased with the articles being made about them. The article about Hyeme having dinner with a bully and the article about Namfon defending DR Music. To show how mad they are they decided to participate in a conversation with the bully. They claimed the fan has alter egos and they actually laughed about it as if that is funny. They did all of that while using the Rania official Facebook. This type of behavior is nothing new for DR Music. They have been like this for years.

You can see the screen captures below that came from the bully.

This comes as no surprise since DR Music kept lying to that fan about not supporting Blackhoney1222. What professional company participates in bullying? Successful companies like SM, JYP, Big Hit, Etc. do not participate in this type of behavior. Only DR Music a company that hasn’t seen success since Baby V.O.X. does this type of stuff. Poor Rania will never gain success because of DR Music.

Meanwhile, DR Music isn’t saying anything to fans about Rania. They have the time to participate in bullying but making a statement about Rania. That is too much work for them.

Included some of the tweets from the bully. You can check it out below.

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JessicaRabbit123-5 pts Wednesday, November 14, 2018 1
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Candy, you need to stop posting on this site. Just like your shitty twitter and FB accounts, people are NOT going to believe you. You nearly got sued by 3 different companies and you're still out here with the foolishness? You're lucky that someone doesn't just let you catch these hands out here.

You need to stop harassing Viv AND the members. You literally made 10 accounts on instagram just to send nasty messages to Namfon whose only 16 you fucking creep, and you need to stay out of Hyeme's DMs and DR Music doesn't read your lame emails either. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR A SAESANG/ANTI/PSYCHO so you can shove all these so called reciepts up your ass.


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loveisenergy0 pt Sunday, November 18, 2018 0
Sunday, November 18, 2018

Just a reminder that Candy - the author of this and many other articles about Rania - is a dangerous psychopath who takes down kpop groups for fun. She typically targets groups with foreign-born members. She succeeded in getting Alex removed from Rania and Prince Mak removed from JJCC. You see how well those groups are doing after following her orders *coughs*

I understand that allkpop has gone a bit off the rails in recent months, but if they care at all for the integrity of their website they will be VERY careful about posting things written by that user. Any content is not good content - and you cannot claim to be against cyberbullying but allow Candy free rein over your website.



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