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JYJ's Junsu shares his deep desire to appear on tv broadcasts again & approach the public

JYJ, Junsu (XIA)

JYJ member/musical actor Junsu continued to discuss what being unable to appear on tv broadcasts means to him in his solo interview, in light of his upcoming return concert '2018 Way Back Xia Concert'. 

Next year will mark Junsu's 10th debut anniversary as a musical actor. He said, "It's true that my heart goes more toward my musical promotions nowadays. If I could release an album and have the chance to perform my new songs on a music program on tv, I would be able to put more heart into my promotions as a singer but I can't do that. I wasn't able to perform a song on tv broadcasts for the past 6 years. The only time I was able to was during an EBS program. I feel very apologetic toward my fans, as even when I release albums, I cannot appear on music shows or promote through various programs, and my only means of album promotions is a solo concert. So I try my best to incorporate different stages at my concerts. But at a certain point, you become tired and hit your limit. I had no idea I wouldn't be able to go on broadcasts for this long. We won a favorable ruling in court and there are no problems, so I can't understand why my broadcast promotions are not allowed. Some people ask me, 'Do you not like going on broadcasts?'. But not going on broadcasts, and being unable to go on them, are two different things. I can say this with certainty - I cannot go on broadcasts. And this reality is frustrating." 

The JYJ member then stressed his deep desire to return to tv broadcasts again, in order to approach the public. "When I release a new album or have a new musical, I want to go on a few broadcasts a year to simply promote my activities, like all of the other singers and actors. Nothing about me has changed. Which means that to the public, their image of me is stopped in time at my broadcast appearance from 6 years ago. I have no way of showing viewers my real self. And when a malicious news report goes around, I end up becoming a person who has changed for the worse, a bad person. I have no second chance... This makes me tired of life, and makes me sad. I just want to go on broadcasts to tell my personal story, and show the human Junsu. I want to do my best, for my fans."

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trogdorthe8th5,544 pts Friday, November 30, 2018 0
Friday, November 30, 2018

It's so sad and messed up. I don't care how people feel about the TVXQ/JYJ situation, this is just plain wrong. SM uses their influence to make an example out of JYJ members. I feel like they do it to make a warning out to their artists: This is what happens when you cross us or don't leave on our terms. It's the same for Jessica, even though they try to say it was an amicable split, even she can't go on broadcasts for her music that she releases. It's absolutely messed up, but they do it to make certain that no one even puts one toe out of line. I sincerely feel for him, part of me wants him to keep his head up and keep going, but at the same time, I understand and empathize with him feeling like it's a losing battle. So unfair, I love many artists from SM but Sooman is ruthless man who will probably never see retribution for what he's done to artists who didn't leave on his terms.



sweetberry232 pts Friday, November 30, 2018 0
Friday, November 30, 2018

Truthfully, at first i really feel sad, angry, disappointed, etc when the split happen. But after some times, listening to their reasoning, I can understand and accept their decision. They just make a decision for their own future just like any other human being in this world. I already found peace with the issue. Now I decide to just enjoy all tvxq/jyj member work.

It is really sad that this kind of thing happen until now. That feeling of frustration..all his fan can feel it too. If you ask my opinion, their split is not really a problem. No party/member should be blame for making their own life decision. The only problem is with their former company. The most wrong decision that sm made is when they use underhanded way to block them.



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