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[SPOILER] Which contestants were eliminated on the producer collaboration track round of 'Show Me The Money 777'?

The Quiett, Swings, PALOALTO, Giriboy, Code Kunst, Changmo

On the October 5 airing of Mnet's 'Show Me The Money 777', the 16 surviving contestants, grouped into teams of 4 under the 4 producer teams, went up against their own teammates in the well-known producer collaboration track round. 

On 'Show Me The Money's producer collaboration track round, the 4 members of each team compete against one another within a track produced by their producers. Only 3 rappers are able to move on to the next round and also participate in the official collaboration track, which is released directly after the episode's airing. Previously, 'SMTM's producer collaboration track round songs have dominated music charts for weeks during the show's durations, including "Turtle Ship", "$insa", "1 out of N", and more. 

From the Changmo x The Quiett team, rappers Lee Dong Min, Superbee, Coogie, and D.ark put on a stage of "Saim Saim" produced by Changmo (clip above). 

From the Giriboy x Swings team, rappers Nafla, OLNL, ODEE, and YunB performed "Sci-Fi Technology" feat. Swings & Giriboy:

From team Deepflow x Nuksal, rappers EK, Kim Hyo Eun, Los, and Chabooom put on "Pae" feat. Deepflow & Nuksal:

Finally, from the PALOALTO x Code Kunst team, rappers Kid Milli, pH-1, Loopy, and Koala performed "Good Day" feat. PALOALTO, prod. by Code Kunst.


The following rappers were eliminated based on the producers/judges decisions - Lee Dong Min from team Changmo x The Quiett, YunB from team Giriboy x Swings, Los from team Deepflow x Nuksal, and Koala from team PALOALTO x Code Kunst.

As of October 5, 'Show Me The Money 777' has 12 competitors remaining. Next week begins the team face-offs, with the matchups as follows: Changmo x The Quiett vs PALOALTO x Code Kunst, and Deepflow x Nuksal vs Giriboy x Swings. Until next week, check out the spectacular performances from all 4 producer teams above. 
  1. The Quiett
  2. Swings
  4. Giriboy
  5. Code Kunst
  6. Changmo
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