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Posted by MeAnotherself1,373 pts Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Groups that have added new members in 2018


Here's an overview of groups that have added members too their groups in 2018 so far!

1. 24K - Kiyong

2. Alpha:BAT - L:ambda

3. A.Z.M - Yeji (left the group), Simlok and Sowon

4. BABA - Loha, Seungha, Byeolbit and Maum

5. Baby Boo - Hajin and Jelly/Lily (they either left the group or the group disbanded)

6. BADKIZ - Sol-B (left the group), Hayoung, Hanbit and Sihyun

7. Chic Angel - Dayeon and Sia

8. FlaShe - Seryeong (formerly of Vetty-L) and Soojin

9. GIAM - Jun

10. G-Reyish - Hyeji

11. Heymiss - Amin (formerly of CUPID, Honey Girls and Fantastie), Naru, Hyunji (formerly of Double B and Fantastie) and Seula

12. Hi Cutie - Eungi

13. H.U.B - Chehee, Seoryeong and Yebin

14. I.C.E - Ujin

15. Icia - Bandi (formerly of Scarlet as Rabyeol, Pocket Girls as Junhee, Cupid as Dohee and solo) and Yoomin

16. Jelly Girl - Solbi and Seuli

17. Lipbubble - Ella, Winy and Lia

18. NCT - Kun

19. NCT U - Lucas and Jungwoo

20. NCT 127 - Jungwoo

21. Pocket Girls - Celine

22. Sha Sha - Chaki, Wanlin and Hakyung

23. Six Bomb - I Sol (formerly of I-Ren as Lee Jin)

24. The Singing Girls - Sena (Park Minseon, left the group), Eunbee (left the group), Lahee (Kim Ahyeon, left the group), Jiyeon (left the group), Sophie (Haena), Hyein, Rookie, (Kim Hyeoyeon), Aya (Hong Ahreum) and Seungji

25. Trei - Juntae

26. Tweety - Hanul (left the group), Boreum and Chaea

27. Vermuda - Junon

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    brilliantradienc0 pt Wednesday, October 24, 2018 1
    Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    I just wanted to say I like your articles, they're informative and something that are not typically covered on this site, I hope AKP sends you a T-shirt.

    Maybe a bit morbid but an obituary of sorts would be helpful, groups that have disbanded officially or have gone quiet on SM for 3 months or more, P.O.P and 2Wentys for example


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    elitejay3452197 pts Tuesday, October 23, 2018 2
    Tuesday, October 23, 2018

    I am no writter or journalist but I have a slight message to the one that made the article, try to be concistent, for example, put the group names in alphabetical order or something along those lines, it might seem dumb but the content will already be of higher quality, not hating on the article, in fact I think it's interesting to see how many groups added members but try to have a certain logic to the order. Just a little heads-up for next time :)


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