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Posted by hannahleex AKP STAFF Monday, September 3, 2018

9 adorably clumsy K-Pop idols

Na-Eun, Hani, Chanyeol, Onew, Mingyu, V, Jimin, Rap Monster, V, Sana
1. A Pink's Na-Eun
Although she looks elegant and graceful with her long, lean legs and stunning visuals, A Pink's Na-Eun has a habit of dropping things – including valuable items like A Pink's trophy!
2. A Pink's Na-Eun Part 2
Sometimes, she trips over her own feet. Her fans love her all the more for her clumsiness.
3. SHINee's Onew
Shinee's precious leader is famous for being a klutz among K-Pop fans. They even created the phrase "The Onew Condition" to describe his clumsiness.
4. SHINee's Onew Part 2
When Onew falls, he doesn't simply fall – he tumbles, and tumbles, and tumbles some more.
5. TWICE's Sana
TWICE's Sana is well-known for her quirky personality. She seems to always get herself in trouble in the most adorable ways!
6. TWICE's Sana Part 2
It probably isn't the best idea to stand too close to her as fellow member Mina has been a victim of Sana's klutziness.
7. BTS' Rap Monster
Rap Monster is no exception to the list of clumsiest idols. Everything he touches seems to break – literally!
8. BTS' Rap Monster Part 2
There's a reason he's often called the "God of Destruction."
9. EXO's Chanyeol
Chanyeol's clumsiness has scared his fans over and over again. The charming rapper has a knack for stumbling upon different objects.
10. EXO's Chanyeol Part 2
In an episode of Roommate, he hit his knee on the door and had to limp up the stairs.
11. BTS' V
On the stage, fans love BTS's V for undeniable presence and charisma. However, fans have also embraced his adorable clumsier side.
12. BTS' V Part 2
He seems to always be bumping into things or tripping!
13. Seventeen's Mingyu
Seventeen's Mingyu could be called the king of clumsiness. He often slips and struggles to coordinate his body.
14. Seventeen's Mingyu Part 2
His adorable slip-ups sometimes scare his members!
15. EXID's Hani
Hani is know for her eccentric personality. Her energy seems endless, and sometimes this energy gets her into trouble.
16. EXID's Hani Part 2
One time, she walked into a wall while sending her fans kisses!
17. BTS' Jimin
Jimin's clumsiness has earned him the nickname "babo" (idiot) from his members. While fans appreciate his grace and precision on stage, they also love his cute clumsiness.
18. BTS' Jimin Part 2
Jimin has tripped and fallen so many times that his members are used to his accidents.

  1. Na-Eun
  2. Hani
  3. Chanyeol
  4. Onew
  5. Mingyu
  6. V
  7. Jimin
  8. Rap Monster
  9. V
  10. Sana
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