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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Friday, April 20, 2018

[MV & Album Review] VIXX – 'Eau De Vixx'



Track List:

1.  Scentist *Title
2.  Odd Sense
3.  Silence
4.  My Valentine
5.  Circle
6.  Good Day
7.  Escape
8.  Trigger
9.  Resemble?
10. Navy & Shining Gold
11. Shangri-La
12. Scentist (Inst.)

Following the success of 'Shangri-La,' VIXX are back once again with a brand new concept -- one centering around odors and colognes. The members are all into fragrances of various types, according to Metro, so the concept fits them well. Their newest release consists of 12 tracks, including 2017's title track "Shangri-La." The members got several self-written tracks on the album for this comeback.

The amusingly-titled "Scentist" (no that's not a typo) has the boys rhapsodizing about the scent of a lover. In keeping with their usual concepts, the tune has dark undertones to it, while still being seductive. It's got a trap/house beat as well. It's smooth and subtle, slowly enticing the listener like a good perfume should, before drawing you in with a very danceable chorus. "Odd Sense" is a more or less traditional pop tune, but it has some wonderful beat drops that elevate it. I like how the members' voices are all loud and clear in this playful, minimalist production. They sound almost raw at times and had me grooving right along. 

The tempo picks up on the banger "Silence." It's a rapid-fire tropical beat, and it works so well here. They bring in some of the same seductiveness of the first track with the smooth harmonies and the synth washes, but there's also a sense of urgency. I like this one a lot. There's something about "My Valentine" that's enticing. The members whisper slowly and hit the tender falsetto. It's got some echoes of the other songs we've heard so far, which is a nice synchronicity. "Circle" is soft R&B, and while it's an OK tune, it doesn't really match up with the quality of the other tracks. It's a bit uninspired and feels like filler.

The upbeat "Good Day" has a funky groove to it, and it has some banger-like aspects, such as an easy hook and repetition. It's a fun song, but is it VIXX? I have to ask that, simply because it is so upbeat. It's a little uncharacteristic for them, though the last couple albums seemed to do the same. "Escape" starts out subtle and spare, and soon develops into their trademark harmonies and some impeccable vocal work. Ravi's raps here give this song an edginess that helps it stand out. "Trigger" is a piece of super-smooth R&B with some killer beats and a dance-floor aesthetic. I like the chorus in this one -- for once they sort of eschew the harmonies and make the tune harder. The track is all the better for it. 

"Resemble" is a ballad, but thankfully it has some original elements to it that save it. It doesn't devolve into a cacophonous mess, and the members get a chance to shine here and sing as sweetly as possible. The production is a bit spare, which helps a lot. "Navy & Shining Gold" is a hopeful song. It eventually develops this upbeat tone and a very uplifting chorus. And the ad-libs add a lot; Ravi almost sounds like he's grinning while spitting his bars. It's a fantastic way to end an album and leaves you with a warm feeling.

The members of VIXX said they wanted to showcase a number of genres on their album, and that shows here. Everything from R&B to various types of techno and pop to boot. A good cologne should possess a certain kind of persona, something that lets everyone who smells it think of the person wearing it. The same with music to the listener. There's more than just a hint of the band here, this LP proudly announces who they are. And, like most VIXX concepts, this one will at once satisfy, tantalize, and leave you wanting more.


Leave it to these guys to put a sense of foreboding in a video about cologne. The concept is that they're perfumer's, but you've never been in a lab like this. There are blood-like colors and packages that remind me of nothing so much as blood supplies. There are snakes and a bar-like setting where you can drink the stuff, and even guns pointed at the viewer. If you were hoping for something to calm your nerves, think again.

True, this kind of thing is hardly new, but VIXX has become associated with it. And frankly, their concepts are more interesting because of this. This video is in some ways unsettling, and in other ways startling. But it's a kind of a sinuous thing. Rather than jump scares, they present us with images and flashes of danger, and the flow of the MV goes right along with the song.

The nice thing is that the choreo is usually pretty tight across all their MVs, and that is the case here. While it's not the most amazing job, they move with confidence and force. That alone will get you points in my book.

Arresting, striking, and disturbing, this MV has the aroma of awesomeness.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........8


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