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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, February 26, 2018

10 Times We Misheard the Lyrics and Were So, So Wrong

1. Limitless - NCT 127
At precisely :15 seconds, Taeyong sings, "angmonginji hogeun na ajik kkum soginji," a lyric that means: "Was it a nightmare, am I still in that dream?" But instead, many heard "I'm going to yoga now. She can sell kimchi."
2. Wedding Dress (English Vers.) - Taeyang
In Taeyang's classic hit, "Wedding Dress," there's no ambiguity in the lyrics, however in the English version, at 1:41, he says "I've never felt so strong / Life can lead us to a happiness never-ending." Much to the dismay of the songwriters, most people just heard "I've never felt so strong like Doritos/burritos."
3. View - SHINee
In SHINee's hit, "View," the lyrics are commonly sung as, "down down down view," but are actually "areumdaun-daun-daun-daun View!" A huge number of netizens went for months not realizing that the lyrics were Korean!
4. DNA - BTS
J-Hope's lines in "DNA" by BTS are nothing short of iconic, but many mistook the beginning of his verse to be something of a much naughtier variety. In fact, J-Hope raps the lyrics, "ujuye seobri," but unfortunately to our Western ear, many netizens have claimed they heard him say, "Put your ass on me!"
5. Highlight - SEVENTEEN
SEVENTEEN, in their song "Highlight," sing the lyrics, "I'm like a bird naragalge." Naragalge in this circumstance means, "I'll fly," but fans claimed they heard the lyrics, "I'm like a bird, not a turkey!" sung by THE8 instead.
6. FXXK IT - Big Bang
In Big Bang's iconic chorus for "FXXK IT," they proudly exclaim "eramoreu gaettda," but most fans heard "and I wanna get down." Luckily, this isn't the most embarrassing mistake!
7. I Got A Boy - Girls' Generation
Girls' Generation is a group that has one of the most iconic misheard lyrics of all time. In fact, the group's "I Got A Boy" involves the extremely famous lyric, "I got a boy meotjin I got a boy chakan." The lyric roughly translates to: "I got a boy, a cool one, I got a boy, a kind one," however most netizens found themselves simply listening to the lyrics: "I got a boy on my chin, I got a boy chicken." Some fans even claimed they heard "I got a bowl of chicken" on their first few listens of the track.
8. Cheer Up - TWICE
Bubbly pop hit, "Cheer Up," but TWICE isn't a misheard Korean lyric, but rather a misheard English lyric! Though the song is obviously going to feature the lyrics, "Cheer Up" many claimed that they heard "Churro baby, Churro baby" instead of "Cheer Up, baby!"
9. Playing With Fire - BLACKPINK
Lisa's line in "Playing With Fire" features a part where she says "sarangiran ppalgan bulsshi" or "Love is like red fire." This lovely lyric is commonly mistaken for "Your saranghae's a bag of bullshit" instead, giving a less lyrical and poetic meaning then the true lyrics.
10. Monster - EXO
At exactly 1:38, D.O sings, "shijakdwaesseo nae aneseo" which translates to "It has started inside of me." Unfortunately the transformation of this lyric was heard as, "She dropped the soap, lay on the soap." We suppose D.O is just trying to promote good personal hygiene!

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