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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Thursday, January 11, 2018

[Interview] MXM answer your questions about 'Produce 101', future re-debut with Wanna One members, and more!


MXM is here with the answers to your questions!

On January 10, the Brand New Musicunit withLim Yong Minand Kim Dong Hyun made a hot comeback with their 2nd album 'Match Up' and title track "Diamond Girl". In celebration of the new release, allkpopprepared an exclusive chance for fans to ask anything and everything to the rookie stars, and after thoroughly looking over the interesting questions from many fans, MXM provided some interesting answers!

Check out what MXM have to say and see if your questions were answered!

Young Min: I started dreaming of becoming an idol after seeing 2PMWooyoung sunbaenimdance. As for admiring sunbaenim, I would say Jay Park sunbaenim.

Dong Hyun: I've always thought of Park Hyo Shin sunbaenimas my role model but the figure that made me dream of becoming an idol is Big Bang sunbaenim!! I became interested in idols after listening to Big Bang sunbaenim's music.

YM: Jay Park sunbaenim, DPR LIVE, Sik-K

DH: Park Hyo Shin sunbaenim, Jang Bum Joon sunbaenim, Madilyn Bailey

YM: DPR LIVE "Text Me"

DH: DEAN "Instagram"

YM: How we well harmonize as a duo while also having different tastes. Also, how we have the charms and energy of an idol despite coming from a hip-hop label.

DH: We are a duo, which is pretty uncommon nowadays and the members have very contrasting charms.

YM: I miss (Yoon) Ji Sung hyung the most because I depended on him a lot.

DH: I really miss trainee Kim Dong Han, traineeLee Woo Jin, and trainee Jung Se Woon.

YM: I feel like it would've been better if I had more confidence.

DH: I greatly regret not showing more varying charms of myself to the Nation's Producers in the beginning of the program.

YM: At first, it was hard adjusting to the environment. It was a bit awkward before we (the trainees) became close but we made a lot of good memories after we became close.

DH: In the beginning, it was hard fitting things together with the trainees that I've met for the first time.

YM: I'm originally a big fan of hip-hop so I want to greet many fans with a hip-hop concept.

DH: I want to try a moody concept with a medium tempo (track), as well as a tack with a band sound.

YM: I remember our first fan meeting where we created thestage together with many fans and spent a fun, exciting time.

DH: Brand New Music concert, where we got to enjoy and have fun on stage with sunbaenims and fans, was the most memorable and exciting.

YM: I've always had a great interest in clothes. Nowadays, I want to try dressing fancier than before so I search it up a lot.

DH: As for food, I'm obsessed with pho, and for fashion, I'm obsessed with dressing in a simple coat or cardigan fashion with one main point item.

YM: I think I would be composing music, or I've had interest in designing so I think I would have workrelatedto the field of interior or furniture design.

DH: I think I would be a singer-songwriter singing acoustic songs.

YM: Many sunbaenims provide help and advice but Hanhae sunbaenim and Kebee sunbaenim helped me out the most. As for the sunbaenim who I want to collaborate with, it's Kebee sunbaenim and Verbal Jint sunbaenim. Kebee sunbaenim taught me how to rap. I really want to stand on stage with him one day, and Verbal Jint sunbaenim was originally the rapper that I admired the most so I really want to collaborate with him.

DH: There are so manysunbaenimswith great musical talent so they're all a mentor to me. And I want to collaborate with Hanhae sunbaenim.

YM: I think the most important thing is finding the study method that suits you. I tend to lack the ability to focus so instead of dedicating a long amount of time in studying, I studied hard for short periods of time with great focus. I think that method suits me the best.

YM: Our original goal was to debut all together and we practiced with that goal in mind. I'm not sure how things will turn out but I want to debut together with them.

DH: I dearly hope to show all of us promoting together in the future.

YM: I don't think I have many fears.

DH: I'm most fearful of cockroaches. To be honest, I'm scared of all big bugs.

YM: This year, 'enjoying' has been set as my motto, so I want to enjoy every moment. And if possible, it's my goal to release a self-composed album this year.

DH: My goal is for MXM to grow and gain more popularity, for our music to be approved and accepted, and to become closer to our fans.

MXM's special message to fans:

YM: To our fans who're always pouring much love and support, I always appreciate you guys. From now on, I'll become a more improved Young Min, and become a singer who can receive more of your great love. I'm always grateful for you guys. I love you, and I want us to spend happy days together, not just in 2018 but in the future on and on.

DH: I greatly appreciate you guys for always treasuring and loving us. We will work even harder and repay the love with unchanging hard effort.

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