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Which foreigner panelists left the biggest impression on 'Abnormal Summit'?

The December 4 broadcast of JTBC's 'Abnormal Summit' took time to list the top 10 panelists who left the biggest impression on viewers in the history of the debate program so far.

'Abnormal Summit' premiered back in July of 2014, receiving much praise and support from viewers over the past three and a half years, in many ways thanks to the great panelists representing various foreign countries. 

The program will be on a short hiatus for about three months and is scheduled to return for a new season sometime in March of next year. 


So which foreigner panelists made it on the list?

Alberto Mondi 

Italian-native Alberto Mondi, having kept his position on the show from the very first episode until now, not only held interesting discussions involving his home country but also shared many topics about diverse countries. His entertaining talks drew many viewers to the program.

Guillaume Patry

A fixed member of 'Abnormal Summit', Guillaume Patry is well known as a professional gamer from Canada to the general public, particularly fond of StarCraft. Apart from his focused attention when playing StarCraft, he caused the audience to laugh out loud due to his spontaneity. 

Daniel Lindemann

Daniel Lindemann from Germany sparked the interest of viewers with not only his fluency in Korean but his knowledge of the traditions and culture of Korea.

Tyler Rasch

Tyler Rasch, an American graduate student, allowed the audience to enjoy detailed discussions thanks to his clever mannerisms and debate style. He always chimed in to share his opinion no matter how difficult the topic was.

Zhang Yu'an

Known for his distinct Korean accent, Zhang Yu'an from China often caused viewers to get somewhat frustrated at times due to his conservative character and stubborn claims on air. However, 'Abnormal Summit' viewers were able to notice a change in Zhang Yu'an's outlooks as the show progressed.

Sam Okyere

A TV personality from Ghana, Sam Okyere didn't hold back his talents on 'Abnormal Summit' as he delighted the audience with his passionate conversations pertaining to Ghana and its rich cultural background.

Aurelien Loubert

Capable of speaking 5 different languages, French-born Aurelien Loubert stirred much attention among the masses with his witty comments despite his limited skills in Korean.

Simlin Wang

Representing China on the show, Simlin Wang received much love from viewers for his cute accent and appearance. Unlike his seemingly shy appearance, Simlin actively participates in discussions and boldly professed his points of view.

Mark Tetto

Mark Tetto, taking over Tyler's spot as a representative for the United States, showed off his smart speech on the program, making good use of the many skills he acquired in the field of business. 

Cross Gene's Takuya 

Takuya tugged at the heartstrings of many female fans because of his idol star visuals.  He even took on sensitive topics and wasn't afraid to share his thoughts, representing the country of Japan.

Will you be missing 'Abnormal Summit' during its hiatus?

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